Day 19 (Jan 19th) – Pizza Express #Fail

This evening me and Chris went out for pizza for tea. We headed to Pizza Express for tea as they do Orange Wednesdays as well. The pizza was nice but the service was so bad, normally it’s okay but it was just terrible.

We sat down and told the waitress that we had an Orange Wednesday voucher and she explained that it covers us for a starter each and a main course each. We order our food and drinks and chatting about anything and everything.

Our starter arrived and that was fine. I had the normal dough balls. Yum! Our main course arrived and I had Quattro Formaggi pizza – again one of my favourites but this time it had so much goats cheese on it, it was near enough a goats cheese pizza rather than Quattro Formaggi. We’d had a diet cola each and decided that we’d ask for a jug of water rather than pay for a second drink (Clever little thing about tap water being free with a meal). We’d asked one of the waiters as our waitress seemed to have done a runner.

We asked for a jug of water from one of the waiters but then we got to the end of the meal and it still hadn’t come.

We had our mains and no one came to check on how our meal was. When the waitress eventually came over we were finished. The waitress disappeared again and when she came back rather than just asking if we wanted dessert she shoved the dessert menus as us like we were wrong. We said no and asked for the bill, that caused another delay as she disappeared off, Chris was facing the right way that he could see if the waitress had gone to the till to get the bill, she looked over at our table a couple of times but didn’t actually bring us the bill. In the end when she did bring the bill – she hadn’t put through the Orange Wednesday voucher and when we tried to get her attention to come and amend it, she just kept ignoring us.

In the end we were needing to leave, so I got up and spoke to one of the managers and pointed out how awful the service had been, I understand that it was busy because lots of people were using the Orange Wednesday offer but that’s no excuse really. All in all the food was good as usual (Apart from the crazy amount of Goats Cheese) but the service really let it down.

On the way back to the car I started writing a comment on my phone to post of the Pizza Express Facebook page as they recently started taking feed back there. This would have come in handy except that my comment ended up being over 1000 characters long. So hence this post that way I can then go post a comment of their Facebook page along with the link rather than an over long comment.

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