DAY 21: Birthdays!

So today is my Grandad’s Birthday and he turns 70!

I spent this weekend getting his birthday card finished. He loves Owls so I adapted a pattern in my cross stitch book so that it looked more like a real owl rather than a cartoon one (have you ever seen a purple owl?!!?). This evening was a little upsetting for various reasons all of which can be mentioned but you’ll need to contact me for the password when I post about it.

Work was okay today, it was still kinda busy but I kept on top of it.

I’ve started writing stories again. Well I’ve started one story. I’ve emailed a copy to my friend who is a writer and hopefully she’ll come back with some feedback when she gets chance. I think she’s busy sending of a copy of her manuscript this week so thats really exciting for her. I plan to record another vlog if I get my act together. I keep meaning to record either just an MP3 or a video of me singing as it was requested ages ago from another reader of my blog. I talk lots about going to band practice and stuff and ask CJ to record me playing on a Thursday but he gets all worried about copyright and things like that but there you go.

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