DAY 20: Holiday!!! (But not for me)

Unfortunately not a holiday for me, my manager is on holiday this week so I guess in a way it is a holiday for me from her stressing about stuff. Then again it could be me flapping all week and as I’m juggling like 15 balls and then on Wednesday my colleague has the day off as well so I’m going to be running CS on my own! EEK!
This weeks it’s the AGM at church and there are some major decisions to be made which is a little nerve wracking lol. All this happening in one week I might be curled up in the foetal position under the bed or something by the end of the week, I guess at least though I can look forward to my birthday and that will be good even if the rest of the week sucks lol.

This evening we had band practice. In a few weeks we are leading worship/performing at the Open Air Service. I don’t mind but the choice of songs isn’t exactly that inspiring. I would think that for the open air the music needs to lively and get people up and dancing or at least singing. One of the ladies suggested “Light up the Fire” and “One More Step along the World”. I appreciate the songs and they are good songs but we used to sing them loads at school!

Me and Uncle P ran through a couple of kids worship songs that he does at his church – I wish we did some of them at RP maybe I need to talk to him about getting some of the music to show our Worship Co-ordinator.

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