DAY 24: Music and Stuff

Ok so I kept saying that I would post the video of me playing at Battle of The Bands and then for one or another reason I couldn’t find the video.

I started recording myself playing guitar and singing but it wasn’t working very well as I can’t really get the balance right – I think I may need to invest in a separate microphone and try not to knock a video up in one evening. I tried speaking to people on YouTube about they went about recording their videos and sometimes you get replies and other times you don’t. (I liked videos by SweetAfton23 and Jaaaaaaa – I also like Fiveawesomegirls as I keep pointing out lol)

Anyhoo so I got out my acoustic and my voice and tried to record some bits using GarageBand and it sounds really rubbish because at first CJ is laughing in the background and then to add to it I forgot how to play Bm7 so somewhere in the middle it sounds really out of tune and kinda random.

Anyway I tried to record me singing and so here it is. It’s actually supposed to be “Other Side of the World” by KT Tunstall – her video follows at the bottom if I remember to go and hunt for it.

Han Over and Out.

Click this link then click it again on the next page that loads!

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