DAY 25: P-A-R-T-Y

Today was a seriously busy day but it was seriously good fun.

This morning I helped my Mum with the Men’s Breakfast at Chapel. It’s funny that I was up earlier today than I was normally during the week for work. I arrived at chapel and G-ma asked me to go out with her to her car as she had something to show me. She’d got me this amazing bunch of flowers they are awesome!

At the breakfast there was cereal then a fried breakfast. I helped Mum with the cooking. It was good minus the fact that the kitchen got ridiculously hot (At one point I thought I was going to keel over in a heap!). We were cooking the poached eggs for the cooked breakfast and I caught the oven gloves on the ring and there were these little sparks and the oven gloves started burning 🙁 Mum pointed it out and I tried to stub them out on the edge of the cooker, I guess if it hadn’t have worked I’d have dropped gloves and stamped on them or thrown them in the sink but to start with I stubbed them out. I was a little scared I was going to toast my hand but it was okay in the end and we had a laugh about my clumsiness!

After breakfast was finished – about 11ish so actually it was more like brunch by that point, me and mum headed to town as we needed to get some bits for G-Ma B we were also going to get some other bits. We went to the health food shop and I got some Crystallised Papaya, I think I need to try some fresh papaya and see if I like it the same. After we had finished I went back to Mum and Dad’s house to hang out there while CJ made me a birthday cake. I headed home about 2pm ish as Kewey was due to arrive at any time. CJ got a little annoyed at me being home because he was trying to make the cake.

Kewey arrived about 3ish and we hung out for a little while and had a slice of cake as CJ finished it as Kewey arrived. Me and Kewey nipped to the supermarket as she had some bits that she needed to get. I ended up getting a new cardigan and a new shirt for work while I was there. The shirt is black with short sleeves. It has a black with white spots ribbon that ties like a belt round the waist. The cardigan is like a fushia pink – it’s not like a woolie cardigan, it’s almost t-shirt material in a way.

After we finished at the supermarket we came home and LB texted saying that she was at our flat but she couldn’t remember which flat number we were so she was waiting in the car outside.

Except she wasn’t outside our flat. LB was parked down the street – about 5 minutes walk away but still far enough away that I wasn’t going to unload her car there to walk back to the flat. I told LB to move her car and then I would meet her. Then in the end I gave up and went to find her – she was parked half way between my house and church. She said that she was parked next to my car – so I ran downstairs and into the street in my socks. I called her and she said that she couldn’t see me (even though I was stood next to my car) turned out that LB was parked round the corner from our flat but when I went to find her she’d moved between phone calls and was parked further away from our flat rather than moving closer!

In the time it took me to find LB I’d decided that a group present for her birthday in October might have to be a Sat Nav so that she can find her way – It would seem instructions in advance via text message aren’t good enough.

We chilled out at the flat for a little while and then we headed to the Uni campus to pick up Zoza, because of the location change for tea she needed a lift there rather than walking or cycling. It was great to have everyone together.

There was a little hiccup with the Hippy Kitten getting there in time because of my Goddaughter playing up (something about deciding to throw her tea around the room rather than eating it!) and because of a lack of phone number ness to tell her about the change of location – I had left a rather garbled message on her parents answer phone and I guess in the excitement the message hadn’t got to her.

Okay so then we got to the restaurant to have tea and the waitress was really cool even though we completely scatty and rather excitable. We all ordered our food. While we were waiting for food I opened my birthday presents. I got a book and some other bits and pieces including a set of Little MissMatched socks. There was an issue with mine and Sez’s pizza, they had misunderstood that we wanted one medium with half and half toppings and ended up giving us two mediums (that was good because the cold pizza doubled up as tea on the Sunday).

We had dessert as well – me and Sez shared the cookie dough pudding – I love it but it can be a little sickly!

After the pizza we headed to the cinema. As a group we went to see I love you man. It was definitely a bit of a Friends reunion in places. The film was good and I enjoyed it, it definitely made me laugh!

(So this is the entry for 25th April however because everyone was still here I didn’t get to write it until about the 29th/30th so I’ve actually postdated the post lol)

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