DAY 27: Happy Birthday to Me and Ellefie!!

So today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

As well as it being my birthday today it is also Elle‘s birthday. (She goes by Ellefie on Twitter so that’s why it’s that in the title!)

Today I had work and by about 10:30 I really wanted to go home and spend the rest of the day with family or just hanging out. When I was looking for a job last year I had an interview with a company that gave you your birthday off work. The manager also tried to organise it so that your 2 days off a week were either one side or both sides of your birthday (for example my birthday is today so I might have today off followed by tomorrow and Wednesday or I would have had yesterday and tomorrow off as well as my birthday in the middle).

Anyhoo so I was at work. I felt so alone, it was my birthday and I felt alone. I sat in the Hannah bubble. Hannah bubble = I sit there with one headphone in and one out so that I can listen to music while I work and listen to conversation, we have a radio on in the office but it’s so quiet that I can’t hear it from my desk.

I was about to leave for lunch but it was absolutely down pouring – I thought I could make it to the car without getting too wet but Ali offered me her coat as she was staying at work for lunch. I borrowed her jacket and came home to check the post. I got here and there was one item about giving blood but other than that there wasn’t any post for me or CJ. While I was here I grabbed my jacket and my phone charger – I’ve been having a real issue with my iPhone – it doesn’t hold charge and sometimes it gets hot while it’s charging, CJ suggested the other day that it might be because it needs regular discharging which I’ve been doing, today once it had decided it was dead I turned it back on a couple of times until it was totally dead. I then put it on charge and the back of the phone got really hot.

When I took it to the O2 store before I was told I needed to take it back to CPWH as that’s where I bought it from. I might go in tomorrow and see if they can exchange or anything like that – they will probably tell me that it’s all my fault and they can’t do anything but as CJ tells me “Don’t be defeatist!” So if I believe hard enough it might work “I will get an exchange, I will get an exchange”.

This evening I went out for tea with my parents, my brother and his best friend (I’d refer to her as his Girlfriend but apparently they are just good friends). We had starters and mains but by the end of my mains I was stuffed – no room for pudding what so ever!

When we got back to Mum and Dads house, me, RJ and the best friend took turns in playing Rock Band. My brother got me to sing You Oughta Know by Alanis Morisette on his proper game (rather than the group one we normally play on) because he didn’t know it and he knows that I love the Jagged Little Pill album.

We did some other songs like the Foo Fighters. I think my brother was impressed when I got like 98% on Chop Suey by System of a Down.

P.S. I went to CPWH and they told me that they would have to send it off for repairs. It would take up to two weeks.

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