DAY 26: Start of Another Week

So today is the start of another week. It’s Sunday and it’s starting again lol.

Tomorrow I go back to work and my manager will be back which I guess is a good thing because I won’t be trying to juggle fifteen things but last time when she came back from holiday she got really stressy about what hadn’t been done while she was away even though half the stuff wasn’t anything to do with me.

Anyhoo tomorrow is my birthday and I need to go get cake to share round the office so I might need to get up earlier to go to the supermarket on my way to work. It is a little bit of a challenge as I will need to either head across town the wrong way to one supermarket or do the stupid one way system and go to the other one (when you come out of the car park you have to turn left onto a dual carriageway and turn round at the next round about to come back on your self to get back towards the place I work.

CJ is trying to get a Youth Cafe up and running a bit better than it is at the moment. The Youth Cafe is called The Rock and is Newnham Street in Bedford. It’s close to town so young people can get here but because of when it’s open alot of young people would need to come straight after school and stuff like that. CJ has a lot of dreams for the place but he needs the funding and stuff like that to be able to get the place running properly.

Mrs Mow Mow suggested an idea and Q shouted out about having the back end of a Cadillac sticking out the wall – think Grease lol.

I am sat at one of their computers writing this post as I wait for the youth group to be over. I love helping the young people but they can be so loud!!!! At the moment there are so many ideas clashing. CJ needs to come up with an idea for a theme and from that be able to plan what he wants.

I get that this is CJ’s idea and he wants to get it sorted but the problem we have is that he spends so much time here or talking about it at the moment that in a way I want to boycott it, The last time we properly spent time together was last Sunday when we went to see Monsters vs Aliens and went for a massive walk, I guess we spent time together but we were with other friends so it wasn’t like together together.

Oh well!!! I’m sorry for the whinge but I’m just needed to explode lol.


    • God's Rock Angel says:

      Hehe thank you but no I didn’t buy my own cake – I was going to but CJ (MY other half made me one on Saturday)

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