Day 55: Thumbs Up!

So following my post back in January and the letter I wrote to a letter to Pizza Express. We’d been for dinner and the service we received really wasn’t that good amongst other bits (See the above link).

After a few emails going backwards and forwards I got a lovely email from Paul who (I think) is the Regional Manager. We were given a “voucher” for two main courses and today we went for that meal.

The waitress we had was super lovely. She even recognised my name when I showed her the email. I asked her, her name so that I could ask for her when we asked for the bill – rather than have the confusion that we had last time.

Okay so this is when I go off on a geeky moment because Lucy (our waitress) commented on how much she liked my blog. Yes I did go all stupid have a bit of a giggly moment – apparently she’d seen the URL on the email that was passed round the managers and so looked up my blog on her phone and really liked it!

We both had a starter, I had dough balls (As usual!!) and Chris had the Tricolore which was avocado, mozzarella and tomatoes on like a pizza base. I had a little bit of the mozzarella with the base in exchange for one of my dough balls.

We then both had pizza for our mains, I had a margarita and Chris had La Reine which had olives and things like that on it. It was lovely.

Pudding was the challenge – banoffee pie or dough balls with Nutella?!?! Talk about a hard decision. Well Lucy helped me make the decision and we both had banoffe pie. It was really nice as well – sometimes the banana can over power everything else and actually it didn’t this time it was really really nice.

Lucy came back and gave us the bill and we had a chat about blogging and things like that, which was really lovely because it was kinda busy as it was a Thursday. Lucy and her lovely top service has restored my opinion and I’d gladly go back again.

Me and Chris were talking on the way back to the car – next time we come do we need to look through the window and see if Lucy is working before we go in so we know that we’re going to get fab service again.

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