Bloggers Wednesday: Cardiogirl

What’s your name?
My name is Cardiogirl; if I gave you my real name I’d have to kill you. However, I’m always up for a puzzle so I’ll give you a hint. There’s a song about my name from an American sit-com that aired in the 80s and 90s. It was set in a bar where everyone knows your name.

The mysterious Cardiogirl….

Where do you live (Country is fine)?
I hail from Michigan, aka, the mitten state. I live just outside of Detroit, which is one of the former Murder Capitals of the US. Yay, team.

Where do you blog?
My blog is called Cardiogirl: 19% body fat 100% fun

What made you start blogging?
Somehow I ran across a blog at Diaryland (every time I read that I think it’s Dairy Land, home of milk and butter) and I decided it would be fun to have an online journal.

How long have you been blogging? Has it always been in the same place? WordPress, Blogger or other?
I started in October 2006 at Diaryland and then registered at WordPress. I love WordPress; I recommend it to everyone who wants to start a blog.

Do you have a day job or is blogging your main thing?
I am a stay-at-home mom; blogging is my main thing. I make a very small amount of money each month from BlogHer ads. I can buy two pizzas a month on what I make. Money made = peanuts.

Do you have specific blog that inspire you?
The blog I read at Diaryland was called Mimi Smartypants and she really did inspire me to start my blog. Strangely, I haven’t read her in a long time, mostly because she does not allow comments. I find that really strange.

If you could ask me one question (and I answer it) . What would it be?
Hmm, one question, eh? Do you own a pair of Converse shoes — low tops or high tops?

A piece of advice for bloggers out there?
My advice is to write often (I’d say every day, but that might be a bit aggressive), install threaded comments on your blog and reply to every comment you receive. Blogging is about relationships and relationships require input from both sides.

To answer Cardiogirl’s question
Do you own a pair of Converse shoes — low tops or high tops?

I have a pair of official Converse High Tops. I do have a pair of low tops but they were by a french company called Pomme D’Api and they are patchwork rather than one colour.

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  1. cardiogirl says:

    Thanks for the dedicated post, Han! I am extremely pleased to learn that you have a pair of high tops — my love for Converse is all inclusive.

    p.s. I learned today that Pomme D’Api means Lady Apple!

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