Day 68: A to Z of Me


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Age: 24

Bed size: Double

Chore you dislike: I can’t really complain the only chore I really do is the washing and sometimes unload the dishwasher –Chris or The Kiwi do the rest (I’m not sure how I got a small chunk of the chores but I know I should probably do more lol.

Dogs: I’m not really a dog person, when I was younger I wanted a Dulux Dog (English Sheepdog I think is their real name) but apparently they malt and they need lots of care. I then thought a pug or something equally that small would be cool –but Chris wants a “proper sized” dog like a Retriever or Labrador –he really likes a Finnish Laphund.

Essential start to your day: A lie in….lol I am so not a morning person so getting out of bed is a challenge for me lol. I guess if I had my dream job or something I could become a morning person. I guess a drink of squash or juice is a good start to get me going.

Favorite color: Green or pink I think –maybe blue or purple –I think it changed with the win.

Gold or silver: Silver or white gold suits me better. My engagement ring is white gold and I think my wedding ring is too.

Height: 5 foot 2 –sorry don’t remember it in centimetres it’s around 155cm I think

Instruments you play(ed): Ready *deep breath* Recorders (Sopranino, Descant, Treble, Tenor and Bass –I own all apart from Bass), Flute (I also played Piccolo and Bass Flute), Keyboard (also a little bit of piano but not loads), Guitars –I used to play the acoustic (kinda still do but it’s not been played in a while) but now I mainly play Bass

Job title: Customer Service Rep

Kids: Maybe one day, for now we hang out with other peoples kids lol. We have one of the boys from church round for tea on a Thursday to give his Mum a bit of a break for a few hours –we have great fun –Chris does stuff like building a blanket fort in the garden or cooking tea on a fire and things like that. At our friend’s party on Saturday I ended up dancing with a little girl there I think she’s maybe 6 or 7 and she didn’t have any one to dance with so I grabbed her and we had a dance.

Live: Bedford, England

Mum’s name: Carolyn

Nicknames: Too many, at school one of the lads nicknamed me Selphie (After Final Fantasy –he had a thing about it lol), Midget or Titch (this was in regards to my height –mainly from my brother), Smithey (maiden name –there were 3 Hannah’s on my course at uni so that stuck and Kewey’s (also Hannah) boyfriend still calls me Smithey because it’s confusing other wise having two Hannah’s at the same table lol.), latest is Hannie Pants and this has stuck in some form –either Hannie or The Panted One lol. Yes I have some strange ones. Han has kinda stuck at work as a nickname.

Overnight hospital stays: None, well unless you count when I took my friend in –we arrived at about 7pm and had to wait to be seen then had to wait for a blood test, I was dropped back to my car at about 2:45am and got to bed around 3am –so that’s the closest I’ve had apart from when I was in an incubator after I was born.

Pet peeves: People who generalize for example –people who wear hoodies are automatically thugs and are going to attack you rather than give you the time of day, I wear a hoodie and I’d rather give you a hug than beat you up.

Quote from a movie: I quoted this in a letter I wrote Ruby and Branden to be read out at their wedding earlier today –don’t ask me why but it kept coming back to me when I was writing their letter.

“Look, I guarantee there’ll be tough times. I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you’re the only one for me.”

Righty or lefty: I’m right handed but I can write with both, I also eat with both and do other things both handed. I am ambidextrous.

Siblings: One brother. Younger than me, by 27 months I think

Time you wake up: 8:25 –not good when I start work at 9 lol.

Underwear: pants –proper pants that are comfy and cover the necessaries!

Vegetables you don’t like: runner beans, squash (then again I had it in lasagna with ricotta on Wednesday and it was fine),

What makes you run late: sleep, I am rubbish in the mornings

X-rays you’ve had: ankle and knee

Yummy food you make: pasta with pepperoni, peppers and mayo

Zoo animal favorites: Marmoset monkeys


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    • Hannie says:

      hehe yeah I know whenever anyone asks the “How Many Musical Instruments Do You Play” question – I respond with ones I can actually get a note out of, or ones that I can actually play a few pieces on.

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