30 Days of Lists: Day 8


So today’s prompt is

“Take a look at what you carry around every day – What is in your bag?”

Day 8: What's In My Bag Part 1

Somedays it’s like Mary Poppins bag – it’s actually quite small and everything has it specific place so that it fits in but some days it ends up sticking out. At the moment I haven’t been carrying a reading book which kinda helps but then again if I need one I don’t have one with me.

Day 8: What's In My Bag Part 2

This is actually my make up/medicine bag that lives in my handbag – I was struggling to remember to take my inhalers with me so I figured if I left them in my bag and had them to hand then I wouldn’t forget them – also by carrying deodorant with me all the time then I have it for those icky moments when I really need it. I also for some unknown reason have a lipstick in there – I don’t use it and yet it’s there lol.

Day 8: What's In My Bag Part 3

The post its are ever so handy for marking out days in my diary (See next photo), the gel pens are to brighten up any page – blue or black is so borrowing sometimes. The comb is a recent addition but probably won’t stay in there much longer. The blue and clear thing is my spacer – it’s supposed to help me take my inhalers properly – it definitely does that but it’s an awkward size and doesn’t fit in my hand bag very well lol. And then we have my keys with my campervan keyring 🙂

Day 8: What's In My Bag Part 4
Last up is my diary and notebooks – all ever so useful 🙂 Then my business cards on the left hand side – I don’t often need them in my day job but I guess they are there in case I do. Underneath them is a pack of cards from Katie Blair Designs (Take a look they are fab!) just in case someone needs cheering up or encouraging.



  1. Becca says:

    Do you have asthma? I didn’t know you did! I have two inhalers in my purse and also a spacer … they take up so much room. But the spacer is very helpful 🙂 I also have at least 3 notebooks in my purse haha.

    • Hannie says:

      Yep, erm for about a year or so now 🙂 In about 2007 I got a cold followed by a chest infection which raised questions but the doctor wasn’t totally worried but after the fourth or fifth chest infection in the space of 3 years they decided that maybe something more was up. So the blue one is fast relief and the red one is a steroid inhaler so it blows up my airways for a few hours lol. 2 is a small number for me at the moment – I had 3 or 4 last week lol.

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