Our Glamping Adventures – Day Seven and Eight

Back in September (ish!), I asked Chris to look at accommodation overnight when we were in Norfolk for Becca‘s Wedding. Chris came up with the idea that we’d go glamping in Norfolk. This time it would be in a yurt unlike when we went in the bell tent back in May. Yes. Glamping in November. This is Day Six:

Glamping in November - Our Week in Norfolk

Day Seven (Thursday)

If you’re a regular camper (or glamper), showering reduces while you’re away. Certainly at a few Christian festivals, where you’ve got lots and lots of people to one shower, to take to caking on the deodorant and dry shampoo, then shower when you get home. Similarly, it was far too cold to shower more than needed! One shower was going to last until I got home. It was cold enough that hopefully, deodrant would do its job! Haha!

In the morning, I headed to the loo to brush my hair and deal with it. When I took it out of my messy bun, I had these lovely curls where my hair had been damp from swimming and had dried like this.

Lovely curls in my faded pink hair.

Today we went to Norwich, we parked the car at the train station as we have done in the past. We know for sure that there is a charger there. In one of the arcades, their Christmas decorations were letters to Santa and to other people. So pretty! I loved it! Wish Bedford did something like this inside the Victorian Arcade – it would look so good!

Happy Christmas Mail in Norwich

While exploring Norwich, I found a knitting shop called Norfolk Yarn, it was a lovely little shop. I bought two balls of Yarn Stories wool and a pair of KnitPro Symfonie Fixed Circular needles so that I could start the Find Your Fade shawl once I finished my slippers (which would happen later in the day).

Finished knitted slippers! Yeah!

In the evening, when we got back, I got my phone set up to attempt to join in with the FB Live that Elizabeth at Rosalilium was running. I managed to join in for a chunk of it but it wasn’t always streaming quick enough. Following the chat, I got my slippers finished which was really exciting. I then had to attempt to take a picture while they were ready to wear.

Day Eight (Friday)

Today it was time to head home, as you can see Jaxon was extra desperate to get home. I think he had just had enough like me. After packing up, we headed to The Great Britain Centre at Swaffham to use the charger there. The charger wasn’t working properly so Chris attempted to call the Ecotricity people but both times the call got cut off when Jaxon pressed the wrong buttons on the car!

In the end, I took Jaxon inside to get him a drink and a snack to keep him out of trouble. I had vegan-friendly lemon drizzle cake along with a Whole Earth Diet Cola again. The cake was yummy! Although I think I would miss the taste of normal Diet Cola. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be (better than the Karma one I think).  Lemon Drizzle Cake at The Green Britain Centre

After cake, we got back in the car and drove from Swaffham to King’s Lynn. Chris had found that there was a charger there that we could plug the car in. Between us, we didn’t have enough change to pay for the parking. While Jaxon and I stayed with the car, Chris went to a local shop and bought some chocolate so that he could break a note into change.

We explored King’s Lynn a little bit which was nice although I didn’t really want to be all around the shops on Black Friday. As tempting as it is to get Christmas sorted and take advantage of the deals but the morals and ethics behind it all had me questioning it. What are your views? No harm or big deal over nothing? Starting Find Your Fade Shawl

I posted on social media about Mrs. Brimbles‘s Black Friday deals but didn’t take advantage of them. The Jane Davenport markers are tempting but even with the discount, they were still a bit of money. (I added them to my wishlist with a link back to Anna’s Website just in case they should appear at Christmas!)

It happened that the next charge stop was going to take us near my In-Laws so Chris rang to see if they were free for a coffee. My Father in Law was working but Mother in Law stopped what she was doing to come out with us.

We went to the Holiday Inn at Huntingdon Racecourse as there is a Starbucks and a charging point. I sat doing some knitting while the boy chatted to my Mother in Law about all sorts. I felt all manky and could have done with a post-glamping shower before really seeing anyone properly!

EV Charging at Huntingdon Racecourse

Once we got home, I dashed out to run a couple of errands that had been booked in while I was away. Then came home, got the washing machine running and flopped in a heap!

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