Our Glamping Adventures – Day Six

Back in September (ish!), I asked Chris to look at accommodation overnight when we were in Norfolk for Becca‘s Wedding. Chris came up with the idea that we’d go glamping in Norfolk. This time it would be in a yurt unlike when we went in the bell tent back in May. Yes. Glamping in November. This is Day Six:

Glamping in November - Our Week in Norfolk

Day Six (Wednesday)

With Mum and I changing between Slimming World groups depending on what’s on each week, I hadn’t been able to book my holiday for this week. I found a Slimming World group in Dereham and decided to go and weigh in. While I was there, the boys parked the car and went in search of armbands for swimming. They also went looking for a packet of swimming nappies because I’d forgotten to pack them. The plan was that we’d go swimming around lunchtime when the general session was open.

Hot Chocolate in Costa Coffee with a Chocolate snowflake on top

I caught up with the boys and we went to Costa for a coffee while we waited for the toddler swim session to start at Dereham Leisure Centre. At one point the boys went for a wander, so I got my phone out to watch the Adventure Journalling course videos from Mrs. Brimbles. I’ve been signed up to it since the summer but not got round to it. Jaxon and Chris reappeared and I started to pack up my phone and headphones. Jaxon had other ideas and decided that he and Daddy needed to watch the video too. He abducted my headphones and phone and took it to show Chris. I ended up snapping this picture on Chris’s phone. Watching it now seemed like a great idea as we’re having our own glamping adventure.Listening to Anna's Adventure Journaling Workshop

Around lunchtime, we went swimming. Jaxon and Chris had a lovely time but I was a bit bored after a little while. I would have happily got out the pool and knitted in the coffee shop while they played in the pool. I might do it that way next time. We had to leave at 1:30 pm because the school lessons were about to start again. Jaxon really didn’t want to leave. I think he reacted more because we needed to get some lunch by that point!

Once we were dressed and organised, we went back to the campsite to have lunch in the Cafe and Bistro at Yaxham Waters (the onsite cafe at the site we were staying at). The food was lovely and the service was really good too. I had an all-day breakfast – I had asked for no mushrooms but ended up with them anyway. I pointed this out to the waitress and said not to worry then gave them to Chris to eat. Jaxon had chicken goujons (once we’d convince him they were just big nuggets!)

After lunch, Jaxon and I went back to the yurt to hang out while Chris went to the charger. It was a good idea rather than making Jaxon sit in the car again while the car charged. To add to our glamping adventure, there was a weather warning out by this time.

The wind started getting up and the roof flap/window but started flapping and Jaxon was getting worked up. Jaxon and I worked our way through the episodes of cartoons on the iPad, all snuggled up on the double bed. He kept getting distracted by the roof and so I was trying to comfort him too.To drown out the wind I tried to watch The American President while knitting.

By bedtime, it was getting worse and I was genuinely a bit worried. The wind was getting up to the point that the roof flapped and was enough that the door flew open and it banged around against the outside wall of the yurt. I got up to close the door and was trying to figure out how to keep the door closed overnight as the normal latch wasn’t going to be enough.

Thankfully Chris woke up too and came to help. We used some spare wool that I had with me to tie the door closed and parked my scissors right next to the door just in case we needed to get out in an emergency.

Once we both got back into bed, I slept really terribly. Between the noise of the wind and the worries that were running through my head, I woke up in the morning exhausted! Thankfully it must have calmed down at some point in the night because I had got some sleep even if it wasn’t enough.

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