Dear Blueberry – 33 Weeks


Dear Blueberry,

I’ve fallen behind and haven’t written in a while.

Last week I had my 32 week check up with the midwife. My bump measured 32cm from the top to the bottom which is just right for the number of weeks. I stood on the scales at Slimming World last week and had lost 3.5 lbs. I was thinking that if I lost again this week then I’d mention it to the midwife next week at my 34 week appointment but I stood on the scales on Thursday and had gained 2.5 lbs so that was almost all of what I had lost the week before. So I figure it was just a blip – I think you’d had a growth spurt and that was pushing against my stomach and making me less hungry. Daddy was worried that I wasn’t eating but we’ve come up with a plan, I snack when I am hungry and then at meal times have smaller portions – for example yesterday I had a burger sandwich and carrots, while the boys had jacket potatoes as well.

While in the shower earlier this week I discovered that if I stood with the water on my bump you’d go bananas and fidget like crazy – either you’re like me and you love the water or you really didn’t like it and that’s why you were fidgeting.

On Wednesday I was heading to bed and you had hiccups then decided to have a dance party – I think you did it on purpose because I needed to be up early to help Daddy with some bits at work.

On Friday you seemed really low but today you’ve moved again so maybe you were just getting comfy or something like that.

It’s a short post this week but hopefully next week will be longer.

Love you