Us at 7

On the 13th September 2005, Chris proposed to me, he’d written a treasure hunt and involved a whole heap of our friends including our friend Sheens who lives in Australia!! The last clue was in my Parent’s caravan which when it wasn’t in use would be stored next to my grandparents caravan in their garden. I got the final clue and headed for the caravan door, and there he was. He got down on one knee in the small gap between the caravans and asked me.

On the 12th May 2007, we got married. My two girl cousins and Chris’s sister were bridesmaids and my boy cousin was ring bearer.

Us at 7

At 7 we…
Like hanging in the same room even if we’re doing different things.
Argue over how much of the bed I take up (normally I can’t help it – now I really can’t help it!)
He encourages me (or drags me kicking and screaming) out of my comfort zone to try new things.
Watch Grand Designs and ponder over what we’d have in “Our Grand Designs House”.
We’re foster parents to Our Sidekick and Baby Blueberry is due at the beginning of July.
Live and breathe The Fountain.
Also watch Elementary and Doctor Who together – we try to make sure that we either watch together when it’s shown on TV or make sure we don’t watch it until we can sit down together and watch it.
Chris likes to go for walks – and even though I’m not entirely a fan of them sometimes, I’m getting more into them and often they are good for having chats.

Idea adopted from Megan at The Nerd Nest.


  1. LaWannish says:

    I’m sure you’ll take the weight off when you are ready… it’s not easy and it is something I have to take care of forever. I’m okay with that ♡

    Thank you for your comment on my blog… have a really great day ♥

    • Hannah says:

      Hey! Thank you for the comment. I’m sure I’ll have to focus on it for the rest of my life too.

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