Dear Blueberry – 36 Weeks


Dear Blueberry,

I’m not doing so good at this – you’d think I would be doing better now that I’m on maternity leave.

You’re now 36 weeks – which means that you’re due in four weeks.

Grandma and Grandpa came to help get your room already for your arrival. I kept getting told off for not sitting down enough and trying to do too much. Grandma could tell when I wasn’t doing so well as my breathing would get short and I would sound like I had just run up and down the stairs two or three times!! GreatGrandad popped by to help at one point. He was supposed to be cutting the grass for GreatGrandma but instead he came to help me – I do hope he still managed to get it done as he’d probably get in trouble hehe.

Uncle Rich went and got us all lunch and delivered it to the house. He’s so lovely!

You’re still quite high and some days by the middle of the afternoon my ribs are hurting so I end up lying down to try and stop my ribs resting on you. It does mean that some days I’m not really doing anything but hopefully you’ll drop a little and possibly engage that way I might have some breathing space again.

Daddy and I were sat next to each other in church on Sunday and you kept fidgeting. It would either be just like a shake or it would be a full on fidget. Daddy would put his hand on my tummy to feel what was happening and then most of the times you’d stop again. I think you do it on purpose lol. During the service I got to hold Baby Pickle (she does have a name but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention her so for now she’ll be Baby Pickle), she would calm down and sort of try to sleep in my arms then she’d get worked up and go a strawberry shade of red. Daddy spotted that she was hungry, she kept pouring and then tried to chomp down on his finger. All the things that we were told in antenatal classes last week. I’m sure when you arrive and I spend 24/7 with you I’ll get the hang of the cues when you’re hungry or just tired. Our Sidekick was sat next to me after the service and you moved, like when we were on holiday he saw my tummy move rather than feel it. He got excited but again thought he was seeing things!

We went to the picnic with our group from church. Chris carried the camping chair to the park for me to make sure I had a seat. I was struggling as I felt out of place and like a whale. I couldn’t sit on the floor as after a while it would start to hurt, getting out of the chair was getting me stressed out too. I’m sure it’s absolutely fine and when you arrive I’ll be so excited to meet you that all this stress will go away but for now I’m just grouchy lol. It’s a bit like the post that Kirsten wrote over on her blog here.

I have my whooping cough vaccination today – Grandma always made sure that Uncle Rich and I were up to date on our vaccinations and as it’s encouraged that pregnant mummies have the whooping cough vaccination I wanted to make sure that you’re covered when it comes to your vaccinations. Some parents are anti-vaccinations but I’ve had all mine along the way and want to make sure you’re sorted too.

After having the wardrobe put back up I managed to snap a bump picture that didn’t contain bathroom fixtures as well!

35 weeks + 4 days


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