dear christopher…

Allow me to wax lyrcial about my husband for a moment – I promise it won’t take long and you can always hit that big red button and close the window if you can’t be done with the romantic pukings for a few moments.

This week has had its ups and downs – come to think of it July had lots of them too by itself!

On Tuesday after I’d been to the cinema with Our Sidekick I came home and Chris and I got the house ready for our Fostering Annual Review that we expected to be on Wednesday before Connect Group. He surprised me with the picnic that I wrote about earlier in the week.

On Monday our friend JD came round for tea and to hang out as we hadn’t really seen her recently. She’s been on a mission and has lost a bunch of weight and got healthier in the process. Chris had mentioned how different she looked and I explained what she’d been up to. So…on Thursday I went to join Slimming World. Now the idea of dieting to me fills me with a bit of dread – am I going to need to watch what I eat for the rest of my life to make sure I don’t put all the weight that I lose back on again? With my friend Dwayne who’s been helping with all the exercise stuff heading back home in a few weeks, am I going to fall back into bad habits?

No chance! Chris is on a mission of his own. When I got in from band on Thursday I hadn’t had any tea – I’d polished off two bananas but that’s not really tea. As a sort of last hurrah I had chicken nuggets from a certain yellow arched fast food takeaway place (mainly because Our Sidekick hadn’t had tea either as Chris had to put his International Rescue uniform on and go rescue a friend while I was at band). 6 chicken nuggets have quite a few syns – they aren’t impossible to fit into the plan but most days I will probably attempt to avoid them! I kept a note of what I had eaten on Thursday (although I think most of it wasn’t on plan!) and so officially on Friday morning I started this slightly mad journey.

#loveis when your husband helps make your meals etc for the following day. (And cooks chicken at 11pm at night for your lunch the next day!!) @thecgbj

Breakfast consisted of Shreddies and milk – the shreddies had to be measured quite precisely to make sure they fit as my Healthy B Choice…the milk also was measured – 250ml on the dot – that’s it for the whole day!

Lunch – Chris had cooked me a piece of chicken that I could have cold with chopped up carrots and then a banana for pudding. I got part way through my chicken and it wasn’t cooked completely so I had to leave it. I was in a bit of a panic as I had 15 minutes left of my lunch break and needed something to fill the lunch sized hole. I grabbed a sandwich from the canteen – it was egg mayo (low fat mayo that is) with two slices of brown or wholemeal bread (I’m told there is a difference but I’ve still not quite figured it out!). I did get a little worked up because I knew that I’d mounted up the syns against me just through lunch.

Dinner – this was a little easier as Chris was here to help me out. He cooked pasta, a better cooked piece of chicken and saw that I could have soy sauce as syn free so it was sprinkled over the top. I also had baby carrots.

Breakfast this morning consisted of two weetabix, a banana and natural yoghurt – the yoghurt is manky, it’s quite sour in taste……… Chris says I can try sweetener in it to make it taste a bit better. Can you use sweetener in cakes? I wonder…..that might take some more research.

#breakfast #slimmingworld it WILL be worth it!

Why am I saying this all this? Well… because Chris is being amazing, okay it’s only officially Day Two and a whole heap could go wrong from here but he’s being great helping me out to make sure I stay on track. Now we’re off on an adventure so I will catch you lot a whole bunch later. TTFN.


  1. Becca Sibley says:

    You are doing such a great job hon! The hardest step is the first one 🙂
    You absolutely can use a granulated sweetener in baking, look for the silver spoon one – it is the one I use and it is awesome 🙂

    I highly recommend planning your meals and writing them up when you do your shopping, it is the biggest tip I can give you and I can’t begin to tell you how much of a diet saver it has been for me on so many occasions!

    Big huge hugs, what an awesome supportive hubby you have, it makes the journey that much easier xxx

    • Hannah says:

      Hello you!

      Thank you for commenting again – I think I say it every time but I will keep saying it – thank you!!

      A friend also recommended granulated sweetener but had said that it contains Aspartame but also to have a look for one that contains Stevia or something like that as its a plant extract.

      Going to attempt planning and see if it makes a difference. I’ve found this evening that a Turkey Breast salad instead of a sub from a certain sub/sandwich chain is syn free – yeah! Even with ham as well it’s still syn free – might be making a homemade version for lunches at work.

  2. Becca Sibley says:

    The one I use does have aspartame in. Stevia is good too I believe and my friend uses one that is just like proper sugar but super pricy – I think its like erithol or something.

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