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This Weekend I… finished up a bunch of stuff for my Mum. It was either this evening or another evening that my brother and I had a whole conversation about actors swapping TV shows recently. We are both Warehouse 13 fans and there have been so many “cross overs” of actors from other sci-fi shows. For example Anthony Head and James Marsters who appear in Buffy (and possibly Angel) as Giles and Spike respectively appear as brothers in Warehouse 13. Then you have the invasion of the Star Trek cast. Kate Mulgrew (Janeway from Voyager), Brent Spiner (Data from TNG), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine from Voyager) and Rene Auberj (Odo from DS9). If that wasn’t confusing enough Alison Scaglietti who plays Claudia then appeared in Bones as a character’s PA. Soon adds up that my brain is completely muddled and confused!

I know I'm my #grandad's granddaughter when I catch myself doing this! #pencil #ears

This Weekend I… well we, as it was our first proper free Saturday in a while we decided to go on a “house” field trip. We ended up at Anglesey Abbey which was really good fun. There’s a tree house that you can climb (at the highest point you can get to its 6.5 metres from the ground!). I’d armed Our Sidekick with my phone so that he could snap away while I snapped away with my DSLR. We have a screensaver that runs on our TV when you leave it paused or on a menu – it’s quite good and I decided we needed some more pictures so that was the idea. I still need to get the pictures off my phone and onto the computer. Our Sidekick snapped this one while we were messing around.

#oursidekick snapped this picture of @thecgbj and me messing around.

This Weekend I… got an amazing message from my friend who had read my post on Saturday about starting Slimming World and she’s started exactly the same evening as me! It was very encouraging and good to know I’m not on my own!

This Weekend I… went to see my Mum, she arrived home from New Zealand around 4pm ish so we popped by to say hello and get lots of hugs. My Mum said she found that the people in New Zealand are really huggy and welcoming so she was used to being hugged by virtual strangers lol. She was a bit spaced because of the jet lag and was a bit confused about what time of day it was, I think I’d worked it out to be about 3/4am in New Zealand when we went to see her and she said because of the flights they’d had about 5 meals but they hadn’t necessarily corresponded with the time she thought it was so often wasn’t hungry – I remember having that on the way back from Turkey and that’s only four hours ahead of the UK – what would I be like on more difference?!?

This Weekend I… finished watching Star Trek. It had been on the TV a couple of nights ago so I had recorded it to watch at some point. We ended up having massive conversations about the history like how the new Kirk is the same Kirk who William Shatner plays in Star Trek TOS. Then how far in the future was TNG from TOS. Also that Leonard Nimoy appears in TOS and the new-ish film (I think Our Sidekick only knows who he is thanks to The Big Bang Theory. I might have to borrow TNG off my brother if he has it – it was part of my teenage nerd education!)

This Weekend I… sang in the worship band at church. While I was at band practice Chris played taxi to collect some of our friends so that they could come to church too. During the service our friend’s little girl who I call Pickle came to sit on my lap. While she was there hse fell asleep in my arms. She was really out for the count especially when I started to fidget. After church Pickle and her Mum came for lunch at our house. Thankfully Chris was onto it because I was feeling rubbish and just needed some kip. I dozed for about an hour – I know that Our Sidekick came in and I’m pretty sure there were elephants tap dancing on the stairs but in the end I did feel better and felt even better when I’d had some food.

My friend's little girl fell asleep on my cute

This Weekend I… watched Arrietty with Chris. We both grew up on the Mary Norton stories following The Borrowers and when Our Sidekick first moved in with us we would read him the stories (not because he couldn’t read himself but it meant that we could have some bonding time and do that parent kind of thing – I think he loved the fact that we gave up doing whatever we were doing to spent that time just with him). I originally saw Arrietty at the cinema with a friend, actually taking a picture of this and posting on Instagram and commenting on one of her photos spun off a whole conversation about her coming for tea one day and us hanging out and watching Studio Ghibli films.

Watching #arrietty. Last time I saw it was at the cinema with @codenamechii.

This Weekend I…technically it was no longer the weekend but given that it was Chris’s birthday I had taken the day off work. Last year there was a miscommunication amongst other things regarding Chris’s birthday and what we were going to do for the day. So this year I wanted to make sure I did what i could to do something about it. I had left my normal work alarm on so that I could make the most of the day. I was about to get all in the swing of things when we found that we had ingredients missing and we also had equipment missing -like who ate my sieve?!?! It can’t have gone far right?!?! With the help of Apple and Google I was able to find a recipe to make Chris gluten free American Style pancakes – I found they were really stodgy and didn’t spread very well – I’m told they were really nice (either that or he was making it up and saying they were nice when in fact they were disgusting lol).

#glutenfree #pancakes for the birthday boy! Aka @thecgbj

This Weekend I…also made normal pancakes – what was a few more given the explosion that had happened in the kitchen. I threw the ingredients together as per a different recipe and again it was really stodgy. I did try a little bit of Our Sidekick’s pancakes and genuinely (and quite desperately!) wanted to have a whole pancake but I stuck with the bite that Our Sidekick let me have. (I WILL BE GOOD!!)

Desperately resisting the urge to eat this #pancake lol. Made non-glutenfree ones for #oursidekick

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