Dear Jaxon…11 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon…

So that month was short because I messed up with the posts. Today you’re 11 months old which means it’s your birthday in a month! There is so much to do. Thankfully Grandma is going to help me with a big to do list so that my brain doesn’t melt in a puddle!

Most nights you still have a feed around midnight. It’s just for a few minutes and enough for us to have a last minute snuggle before bed. You tend to sleep pretty much from that feed to around 6am. Sometimes a cheeky quick drink sneaks in around 3 or 5am depending on what’s happening. I think the lighter evenings are confusing you a little especially when we put you to bed.

This weekend was a little crazy and in four days you saw Nanny, Grandad and Auntie RaeRae twice and Grandma and Grandpa once. When Nanny, Grandad and Auntie RaeRae came round you ended up having a second nap but it was almost 4pm so you were really not happy. You’d been with Nanny and Auntie RaeRae. I think you were maybe a little overwhelmed but I was in the garden so couldn’t entirely tell. Because of the extra nap you really didn’t want to go to bed and you ended up staying awake about an hour or an hour and a half later than bedtime. Daddy was sneaky and gave you some pineapple and ham off the pizza that we had, had for tea. You really liked it (I promise it’s not a normal thing!)

This month it all seemed to go a bit mad in your mouth. You added two more teeth to the collection. They were both on the bottom. One is your lateral incisor on the bottom and the other is your first molar. Now according to the chart I read – you’re not supposed to have your first molar until at least 14 months! Then again by the same chart your lateral incisor is due between 10 and 16 months so you’re speedy on that one too.

You’ve been getting more confident with your cruising and occasionally let go with one hand and turn so you can assess where you’re off to next. You did have a bad bump on Friday and I got a bit worried that I might have to take you to the doctor but Grandpa and Grandma came to my rescue and we all decided that seeing that you were smiling from ear to ear and were busy playing with your toys rather than exhibiting any symptoms of concussion we wouldn’t rush to the GPs immediately.

We’ve done lots more walking now that the weather is getting better. Last week you spend some time in the garden with our friends. You loved playing with the ball pit balls. However I think you did think they were food at one point!

Love you baby boy

Mummy x

Weight: 22lbs 4oz
Clothes: you’re in 9-12 months but do wear a couple of 12-18 outfits as standard.
Nappies: Size 4
Feeds: Just breast milk and water with meals unless you’re somewhere without me. Food wise you’re eating more. For ages you refused to eat the 7+ jars. Then earlier this week I bought a 10+ jar and you gobbled it all down minus whatever is let to repossess.
Teeth: 8! You have 8 teeth now.
Bedtime: 7pm minus a Thursday where bedtime gets messy.
Naptimes: It tends to be 2 hours in the morning followed by a shorter map at some point in the afternoon when needed.
Likes: Thomas the Tank Engine and the rubber ducks we got or were given for the bath.
Dislikes: You don’t always like naptime which means sometimes we have to put you down and leave you but we do make sure the radio is on or there is music playing.


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