Dear Jaxon… – 12 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

This week you turned 12 weeks old. In all the craziness that came with our trip to the seaside and Daddy’s Challenge I didn’t manage to write to you.

You turned 12 weeks on Wednesday. On Tuesday while we were still away We took you swimming for the first time in the hotel pool. I ran the water to make sure it wasn’t too hot in the shower, Daddy then held you while you two had a shower before getting into the pool, while I showered you and Daddy headed for the pool so that you didn’t get cold.

Daddy held you lying down in the water. You weren’t that impressed, I think because the water was going in your ears and I don’t think you could really hear us. You splashed a little bit but I think when you splashed yourself in the face you were even less impressed. We took you towards the mushroom fountain but it was a bit loud and I don’t think you liked it.

We decided that we were going to get you out the pool in a few minutes. Daddy went for a swim while I held you. I was originally sat on the side while holding you but then I decided that if I sat in the water holding you then the water would help to keep you warm rather than the air temperature which could be making you cold.

I think by holding you upright with just your legs and back in the water so that you could hold onto me too was more comforting. You were much calmer and relaxed. Once Daddy had had a swim we got out again. Again we took it in turns to sort you out. Once you were dressed, I gave you a feed, while we did that Daddy got dressed so that he could then take you out into the corridor where it was a bit warmer while I got dressed.

I’m going to take you again at some point, I want to make sure that you give the swimming thing a good go before not going.

Jaxon is 12 Weeks Old

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