Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award


Various people were tagged for this award but I figured I’d join in anyway. The questions were posted by Judit of Monster Yarns. You can also see different versions on Redhead Babyled, It’s A Rowberry Life and Mrs Bishop’s Bakes and Banter.

What’s your biggest WIP failure?
When I was in my teens, I found some lovely Debbie Bliss wool and decided to knit a cushion cover. I started knitting and had a rough idea what to do. However, the wool was discontinued part way through so Mum and I had to find something that would work and it sort of did but then didn’t.

Knit or Crochet?
Both. For years knitting was the only one I could do. Mum would teach me and I’d get it for an hour or so then I’d put it down and do something different and completely forget how to do it. Then about two years ago it finally clicked and I was able to crochet. Now we have crochet blankets and projects coming out of our ears!

Do you think knitting/crochet should be taught at school?
Not sure, we were taught sewing with a sewing machine as part of Food Tech at middle school however by that point I could already sew with a machine and sew by hand too as Mum had taught me. I then didn’t really like sewing in class because I was in front of everyone else to a certain degree.

Why do you knit/crochet?
Erm….because I love it….I mean really love it. I mean like (up until Jaxon arrived!) I always carried a ball of wool and a crochet hook with me. Now I have a little drawstring bag which I carry in the buggy or the top of the changing bag just in case. It doesn’t always come with me now but it does sometimes.


What’s your best knit/crochet tip?
The drawstring bag is quite handy to stop your wool running away. You take the working bit out and leave the wool in the bag then re-draw the string and then you can sit it back in your handbag for example and you don’t have to chase it round in a rush!

What’s your worst chore ever?
All of them, should stop doing them and just knit/crochet! Gardening probably. I occasionally have a mad moment and get on with it but other times it goes for ages without having very much done to it.

What time of day is your favourite?
It sounds sort of strange but it’s that time around 3am when Jaxon sometimes wakes for a feed, at first I’m a bit like “ugh! Why are you awake?!!?” But then it dawns on me how peaceful the house is and how quiet it is while it’s just Jaxon and I rather than all four of us being up and about. Sometimes if it’s a little later or longer then I see a sort of sunrise. There’s so many houses near us that I can’t really see the horizon but when the sun gets over the roofs it’s nice.

If you didn’t knit/crochet, what would you do?
Oh who knows! Scrapbooking maybe or I might actually get somewhere with the Project Life bits I have rather than just collecting bits to do something with at some point.

One fact about you.
On both my parents side of the family Jaxon is the eldest child of the eldest child (me) of the eldest child (Mum/Dad). Certainly on my Mum’s side Grandma and Grandad are both the eldest on their sides so that’s another generation. Not sure about the next generation back on that side.

Christmas or Summer Holidays?
Toughie. I like Summer when it’s not too hot so I can explore places but Christmas gives us change to catch up with family which is important. (For example while writing this post I’ve just watched Graham Norton and they were talking about Four Weddings and A Funeral being 20 this year, it dawned on me that my cousin is 21 in January! How the heck did that happen??

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