Dear Jaxon…13 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon…

The month since your birthday has flown by and I think that’s because it has been so busy. Following your birthday party, we loaded up the car and went on holiday. The plan had been that we would go away while the schools were still in session so that in theory it would be a little less busy than it would be following about the 20th July.

Ignoring our holiday in April 2014 when you were a bump, this was our first proper family holiday all together, it was also your first trip camping. I think you enjoyed being out of the house all week and having adventures especially when I let you have free roam across the grass outside of our tent. One afternoon Our Sidekick had his air mattress out to practice tricks on. I think you just liked how squishy it was. I think you enjoyed being able to have adventures but meal times were really hard work. You wouldn’t sit still and you were into everything. One day we ended up tying the Connecta to the camping chair as a makeshift high chair. This worked better but your dinner ended up all over the carrier and we couldn’t use it again while we were on holiday. We knew where the local laundrette was so if we had been really desperate I could have probably washed it down while we were in Hawes.

We got home and then the following week it was Daddy’s birthday so you and I went off to Milton Keynes to buy another birthday cake. This time Grandpa didn’t come with us although I’m sure he would have loved to come.

While we were on holiday we all climbed a mountain called Drumaldance. Technically Daddy carried you but you were still there with us when we reached the summit so we decided that your first birthday challenge was climbing the mountain. Daddy has been trying to figure out his birthday challenge for this year. I think he was really excited about doing The Tri-Peak Challenge only to be told that there were no spaces in the car. I guess maybe we have to start thinking about what we’re going to do for your second birthday challenge. Then again right now I keep encouraging you to start walking. You’re not convinced though and often prefer just to crawl or walk round the furniture.

About You
Eating: You love proper food. Somewhere between holiday and coming home we figured out that you were going off the baby food and wanted proper solid stuff more and more of the time. This has made it harder some days because I have to try and figure out what to feed you and always get a bit like “Am I feeding you enough?” I’m sure you would tell me if there wasn’t enough in your tummy but at the same time I don’t want to over stuff you every meal time so you feel miserable or poorly.
Clothes: You’re in between sizes. Your legs aren’t long enough and your waist isn’t round enough for 12-18 month trousers however your top half is in 12-18 months especially if the neck hole doesn’t have buttons or poppers.
Nappies: Size 4
Words: Still working on mama and dada but they are definitely there. You often get excited and rabbit on about all sorts although it doesn’t entirely make sense to us it makes sense to you.
Feeds: Milk wise you’re still on boobie milk, you’ve been having some formula as I’ve been at Holiday Club when Daddy takes you home for bed.
Teeth: Okay so I think at the last count you were heading towards 13 teeth. I had a check up with the dentist a week or so ago and he checked out your teeth too. He said we were doing a good job taking car of his teeth.
Bedtime: 7pm is still normal bedtime but this weekend with Holiday Club is messing with the schedule. Daddy collects you from the church, brings you home and gives you some milk then you go to bed. It does mean you’re waking earlier for a feed which is unusual but I think it’s your way of checking in and making sure I’m home.
Naptimes: You’ve been having a morning nap nearly every day but sometimes it doesn’t work. Today you had a short first nap so I tried to put you down for a second nap this afternoon but you weren’t really having it although you kept rubbing your eyes.
Likes: You absolutely adore the fire engine you were given for your birthday. I tend to give it to you in the car because then it keeps you occupied. On Saturday when we went to the wedding you actually fell asleep with your head resting on the Fire Engine like it was a pillow. In the end Our Sidekick fished the Fire Engine out from under your head and replaced it with your Penguin Octonaut that I bought you the other day.
Dislikes: I don’t think you’re liking the disturbed routine this week especially as some of our days are just as muddled as the evenings. It seems to be that as long as you get tea before we go out you’re a bit happier.

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