T-Shirt Folding Hack (BEDIA)

You know those images you see on Pinterest and then you see someones really bad attempt at it which is usually accompanied by the text “Nailed it!” well this is what I expected it to be. I saw this one about the T-Shirts along with another I’m going to share tomorrow. I figured that it would never work in my clothes drawers as I have too many clothes. I was wrong – I actually gave it a go on part of one drawer and it’s already made a difference. What I really need to do is get the boys to look after Jaxon or for him to settle for a nap and then for me to sneak back into my bed room and try and get the rest of my chest of drawers organised. I think it will make a massive difference – I just need to work on the best way to fold my shirts because some were catching when I closed the drawer. Either way here’s a really cool T-shirt folding hack.

T-Shirt Folding

Blog Every Day in August

It’s August and I’m joining a few of my blogger friends to blog every day this month, at least around here you’ll be able to find all my posts under BEDIA. Be sure to check out their blogs too.

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