Dear Jaxon… – 16 and 17 Weeks

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

I’m not sure what happened there. I missed a whole week. Then we got to the weekend and I think it just went to pot from there on wards!

You have two teeth in your lower jaw, they are still working their way through and you keep showing me when you bite into my finger…or other parts of me!

You’ve been biting more and it’s been hurting – I think you’ve just discovered that you have the teeth and sort of exploring rather than doing it on purpose to hurt me. I also think you’ve been getting hungrier and I might not be able to keep feeding you exclusively by myself. So between the biting and the hunger we might be introducing formula but I’m attempting to hold out for as long as we can. I spoke to the health visitor at the baby clinic and she said around the 4 month mark a lot of babies have a growth spurt so if I can keep going my body should keep up with you so there’s no need to top up with formula.

You met Loren for the first time as she’s here from Australia. You weren’t sure of her at first but you warmed to her. You also met Lucy and Julia who I went to school with. Julia held you while I ate my dinner, she’s a midwife at the hospital and I think you sensed how caring she is because you settled in her arms like you’d known her for ages.

On Wednesday, we went and had your next set of injections but first I had to have my flu jab. We put you down on the examination bed in the doctor’s and you looked up at the ceiling and at the Nurse while I had mine done. While we waited to make sure I didn’t immediately react to the injection you had a cuddle with the nurse. We then went upstairs and got your vaccinations done. You weren’t very happy this time and I struggled more this time then I have previously – I think it was because you were quite grouchy anyway.

On Friday we spent a chunk of the day out in the garden with Grandpa working on clearing some of the mess. Daddy keeps getting worked up about what needs to be done, so we got on and did some bits. The big Eucalyptus tree that had been leaning over a bit got a hair cut which meant that a massive area is now a little more accessible and Our Sidekick won’t risk hitting his head when he goes down the garden for his bike now! I’m thinking I might take a bit more of it but we’ll see how it goes.

You and I went to the craft morning at church – you weren’t able to join in but you were really well behaved while I got on with making bits and pieces. We sat with Caroline and chatted about all sorts of bits and pieces.

By Sunday morning you were actually really poorly. Daddy and I took you to the drop in clinic as you were wheezing but the doctor there said that it was just viral, all in your nose/throat and you’d get over it in time. We went to church and then when we got home for lunch you kept crying, then you started coughing lots but it sounded like a bark rather than a cough. So we phoned 111 and took you to BEDOC to see the doctors there. Turns out you might have bronchiolitis but because you were alert and chatting they decided to send us home with an inhaler rather than admit you for nebuliser or oxygen treatment.

That was fine I could cope with that but Monday morning you were worse. You were wheezing really bad and your breathing was shallow and rapid. At one point you coughed so much that you brought up lots of milk that you’d just drunk.

I called 111 again and they said to get seen by a doctor within 6 hours so we rang for an appointment and went to see Dr B. She gave us some different medicines and now it seems to be working. We have to go back and see her later in the week.

I forgot to take your weekly shot but did snap lots of pictures anyway.

My new Talent

Who's been sleeping in my bed?

All snuggled up

Another piece of Grandma made knit wear

Dino Jaxon

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