Dear Jaxon…20 Weeks

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

This week or so has flown by. You’re getting stronger and stronger when it comes to standing up and moving around. You’ve still not got the hang of holding up your head while lying on your front but you will happily stand up while we hold your hands or under your arms. (Depending on who’s helping you depends on how you are held).

Last Friday you, Grandma and I went to Milton Keynes. We started in the Centre looking at the Christmas lights. After doing out shopping we went to IKEA as Daddy had asked us to get some bits. While we were there I spotted a high chair so we got it. You’re not entirely sure about it but I keep putting you in it while I do cook, clean or generally tidy up in the kitchen. On Sunday I moved your chair into the hall way while we all did our chores so that you could see me while I swept the stairs.

You’re starting to get more frustrated and noisy at meal times because you really want to get in there and start eating. Daddy and I have discussed two or three (or more times) but keep coming back to trying to breastfeed you exclusively a bit longer. You’re 5 months old in almost two weeks so it’s about six weeks and then we can start to introduce solids. I’m excited to see how you react.

I think I am going to change it so that I write to you monthly for a little summary and then when there are new things that you do or new adventures that we’ve had them write about them too rather than attempting to write a weekly post. We’ll see how it goes otherwise I might be back.

Love you lots little one

Mummy x

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