Getting Healthy – Part Six

This is a bit of a ramble so I apologise!

There’s a store in town called Michael Bailey and even when they have sale clothes on display in the window I do not have the money to buy an outfit from there. However part of me wants to go and try on a dress they have in the window.

2st 1lb down. 10lbs to go to Target! Bring it on!!

So what’s that got to do with getting healthy? Well as you can see from the picture I have a new sparkly sticker on my book and a new certificate for the fridge. On Tuesday after going to Slimming World and collecting my two stone award, Mum and I popped into town at high speed. On the way home we stopped at the traffic lights just outside the Michael Bailey shop. There was this very slinky long red sparkly party dress. Even minus the price tag it isn’t something I would necessarily wear – it was almost a Bond Girl dress.

But as I lay in bed Tuesday night attempting to go to sleep before Jaxon woke up next, part of me wanted to try the dress on, just because I could. Well who knows if I actually could fit in it but the idea of fitting in a smaller dress size is filling me with excitement!

My size 16 maternity jeans no longer fit me. I’m having to wash them more frequently so that they will “unstretch” again after being in the tumble dryer. My size 14 smart black maternity trousers do fit better but are getting baggy. Really I need to go and get a new pair of jeans but I need a pair that doesn’t rub against my C-Section scar. Any ideas?

When we were in Milton Keynes on Friday I told my Mum my plan. When I am in a smaller dress size and reach my target (currently 10lbs away). I’m going to go to Superdry in Milton Keynes or Boutique Planet in town (they stock Superdry too so that’s all good!) and treat myself to a Superdry jumper in a size that actually fits me rather than drowning me to hide my curvy bits. I might even go into Marks and Spencer or Debenhams and have a look to see if they have a sparkly number like the red Michael Bailey one but more in my price range just in case there should be an event to wear it to!

At the weekend I went through my chest of drawers and cleared out two bags of clothes. I had a button up shirt that I bought from Next. IN A SIZE 20!! And a smarter top to wear out in a size 22. What was I thinking?? I think I was actually a 16/18 but once Jaxon was in my belly this time last year I was going to need that extra fabric to cover up the bump. When I went back to work after Christmas last year and was beginning to show I went back to tighter t-shirts. Well they were tight at a size 16. Now my size 16s are getting baggy oh yeah! I tried on a skirt that my mum gave me after it was to big for her. I tried it on and it was a size 14! If I lose the extra 10lbs I might even get in a 12 but we’ll see how that goes first!

If you’ve attempted to lose weight or get healthier have you set yourself goals like that with a physical thing as a present to yourself?

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