Dear Jaxon… – 4 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Today you are four weeks old. You continue to be alert and looking around at your surroundings. You lie in your Moses Basket and fidget your arms and legs. I imagine if you were in water you’d be a pretty good swimmer. One day we’ll go swimming I’m sure!

We spent most of the day at home, but at one point we went for a walk to the supermarket to get Grandad’s Birthday present. We got three bars of dark chocolate – two were just normal plain dark chocolate the third was a dark chocolate bar with mint. The description I was given was the darker the better – well they were 75% or 80% so hopefully that was good enough lol. We also got a birthday card for him from you.

In the morning we grabbed a lift into town with Daddy when he went to work. First thing we had to do was to feed you, I think the journey in the car had made your tummy settle and you’d decided you were hungry and needed to be fed there and then. Thankfully at The Fountain there are comfy sofas upstairs still, so we nipped upstairs and fed you. When we got back downstairs, Daddy asked if we could go to the supermarket for some milk before we went to our coffee date with the ladies from church. Getting 5 x 4 pints of milk into the basket under the buggy is a massive challenge so I nearly froze my hand off trying to get to the till! While at coffee, our friend’s lovely guide dog was sat under the table, as the coffee date went on he got closer and closer to my feet – I think he could smell baby and was playing guard dog as well as guide dog.

Isaac the guide dog being a guard dog too

After the coffee date I walked part of the way home, as I turned down one road to follow the bus route and get on at the next stop we bumped into a group from church. We chatted for a few minutes then walked to the bus stop but on our way to the stop, the bus drove past and didn’t wait for us. Thankfully the lovely Caroline had been watching and shouted down the road at us “Would you like a lift?” so we got your buggy in the boot and strapped the car seat into the back seat of the car and we got a lift home. It was lovely as I’m sure we weren’t on her way home.

As Daddy had the day off work we started with a bit of a lazy day, we didn’t get out of bed until after 10am – but part of that time was feeding so it wasn’t completely being lazy! We ran some errands that needed to be done then popped to Grandma’s house so that Daddy could help her with something on her computer. I tried on one of Grandma’s dresses to wear to Uncle Richard’s wedding in a couple of weeks and then you and I hung out with Grandpa. When we got home, Daddy got the bath down from the attic and gave it a wipe over. After dinner you had your first bath, I attempted to take photos but you did have the fidgets on. You seemed to be okay in the water but getting you undressed and getting you dry and dressed again got you quite worked up and upset. Shortly after we finished bathing you and drying you off, Grandad and Nanny arrived, while they were here, Grandad opened his birthday presents and his cards which he really liked.

Although you were asleep when I snapped this picture, you wouldn’t settle, I’m beginning to think that Saturday’s need to have activity in them too otherwise you get restless as Saturdays seem to be the day I struggle with the most. I bundled you into your buggy and we walked to the supermarket – I thought the motion might help you settle and I was right – it did.


After looking in the supermarket for a white t-shirt for holiday club and not being able to find one. We walked to Grandma’s as we were going to talk about some bits and then possibly go shopping elsewhere to sort out a shirt. As it happened Grandpa had ordered a couple over the internet and they had been a little small so he gave me one of them. At that point when I considered walking home the heavens opened and we ended up staying longer rather than get wet walking home. Grandma gave you lots of cuddles and at one point put you down on this blanket that she had when Uncle Richard was little. In all the photos of Uncle Richard and I at Grandma’s house there is the photo that was taken at the park and Uncle Richard is lying on the blanket that is in this picture. He’s wearing an outfit that is now in your drawer of clothes up in your room. Maybe one day when the weather is a little cooler (as I think you’d roast at the moment) we could stage the picture with you in Uncle Richard’s place.

I was exhausted and after your 6am feed Daddy asked me was okay I said “No I need to sleep”. We decided that we’d give church a miss this week. I went back to sleep after the feed and Daddy took over looking after you to make sure that I was disturbed as little as possible. Around 10am I woke up and felt miles better for sleeping. We went to church at the end of the service and caught up with people. We then went to the park with the usual gang for a picnic. After the picnic we came home and hung out at home.

Other than ringing the doctor I’m not sure what else we did on Monday – maybe I’ll come back and fill this in. We must have done something!

On Tuesday we went to the doctors as requested by the Health Visitor. We saw Dr G who measured your head, it’s still 41cm which is still big on the charts for a little boy your age but even so Dr G says it doesn’t look large in comparison to your body etc. He said if the hospital didn’t find anything and it wasn’t growing abnormally quick then he didn’t see anything to worry about. He also gave us some cream for the spots on your face – they are just milk spots but it’s possible a couple are a little infected. After going to the Doctor’s we walked to the office that Grandma works in on a Tuesday and you were shown off to some of the people Grandma works with while I chatted to one of her clients about social media and bits like that. It was sort of strange being in a work environment so soon after having you lol

When Grandma had finished what she had to do, we got into the car and went to see Gina (the hairdresser). You didn’t need a hair cut yet but Mummy and Grandma needed to chat to Gina about bits for the day of Uncle Richard’s Wedding. While we were there my Auntie P was there too so she got to see you. In the end you wanted a feed so we ended up staying for a little while and chatting to Gina and Auntie P about all sorts of different things while I fed you. After that Grandma dropped us off at the supermarket so that we could get your medicines then we walked home. You spent a massive chunk of the afternoon asleep so I got on with some bits on the computer and chatted to Our Sidekick. At one point I had to help him with some bits in his room.

So today is Wednesday and you’re four weeks old. We put your cream on yesterday and your face definitely seems a bit better even first thing which is really good. In the morning, Cat is coming to visit – she hasn’t seen you in person since you were almost a week old so she’s going to notice the difference the most about how you’ve grown. Then this afternoon you and me are off to town for a coffee date with lots of lovely ladies from church. I’m hoping you will have had enough to eat and sleep so that you can be passed round for cuddles.

Today I am Four Weeks Old


  1. Victoria - WTPP (@Victoriaaa0) says:

    I love this post. You really will remember every little thing looking back 🙂 Followed on bloglovin!

    • Hannah says:

      There seems to be so much that happens in life that I want to record it especially so that we can tell him what he was like when he was little, when he’s all grown up. Thanks for the follow too.

  2. Ashley says:

    He is so cute! I love that you’ve kept track of so much of his life so far. And that is too sweet about the dog. I’m hopeful that our pets will play guard dog when we have kids, too. 🙂

    • Hannah says:

      My husband wants a dog but I keep putting him off firstly because we don’t know what the dog would be like around Jaxon and secondly because I would be the one who ended up looking after the dog and I don’t have the energy to spare at the moment lol. My in laws look after two dogs and I’ve the feeling that they will be coming at Christmas again so I’m not sure how that will work. If one of the dogs was a child, the dog would be diagnosed with hyperactivity and be on some kind of mood sta biliser meds.

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