Getting Healthy – Part Four

Getting Healthy

Here’s the next part of me getting healthy. It’s now been just over four weeks since I had my C-Section and we welcomed Jaxon into the world. I went to Slimming World last week and I had maintained, it was sort of expected as I haven’t been on plan and with feeding I often just need to get the food in me before I then “give it out” again. Some days I’m glad for a meal time to roll round as I’m hungry. On Thursday I was presented with Slimmer of The Month, it was exciting to win and I’m pleased I did win it but when you have a baby and lose 20 pounds in the space of a few days it does give you an unfair advantage against the other people in the group.

According to my FitBit I’m averaging about 6,000 steps a day which still seems like quite a lot! I did hit 10k one day last week but that was a fluke from being in town with Chris!

Although I did maintain, I’m okay with that, I am still a stone and 10 pounds lighter than this time last year when I decided to go for it with Chris’s help.

I actually won Slimmer of the Month which is sort of unfair as I had an advantage. Losing 20lbs of baby and fluid will do that to a girl lol.

Slimmer of The Month

The sticker is now stuck to the back of my book with my other awards and I’m heading in the direction of my two stone award which is about 5lbs away. I’ll keep walking here and there. Then again having seen the supposed weather forecast for August we could be melting and staying indoors instead!

How are you all doing? Set any goals recently?


    • Hannah says:

      Thanks lovely. My sticker went on the back of my book but I didn’t get a certificate as the consultant had ran out but it would have had pride of the fridge with my other certificates and some of Our Sidekick’s school certificates.

  1. bethietheboo says:

    Way to go on getting your award – 20 lbs of baby and fluid is perfectly fair I say!! You’re doing great! My goal is simply to keep my baby weight off, so far so good, but nursing helps a lot with that for me.

    • Hannah says:

      Well done. How old is your little one? The challenge I’m finding is eating though to keep nursing but not so much that I undo it all.

  2. Ashley says:

    Nice job! 🙂 I have such a hard time hitting 10000 steps like I’m supposed to. I haven’t been wearing my fitbit as much as I should, but I was only averaging 4-5k a day which is so much lower than I’d hope to be at. I’m working on my eating habits right now, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to focus on exercising more too!

    • Hannah says:

      Do you wear your FitBit all the time or just when exercising? Mine is pretty much glued to my wrist (when I remember to charge it!)

  3. Laura says:

    I’m trying to be really good about going consistently to the gym because it’s summer vacation and i don’t have a job so i’m spending all day playing with my blog. in bed. So i try to go to the gym at least every other day so I get some form of exercise. Lots of weights and they seem to be paying off.

    • Hannah says:

      That sounds like a good plan. I have a similar idea. Even if I spend all day at home I try and load Jaxon into his buggy and go for a walk just to get some air and exercise. There are two supermarkets within walking distance of our house so it’s ideal to walk to one or the other and if I don’t feel up to that I can just potter round the block. I guess you have to find what works for you.

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