Dear Jaxon… – 5 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Today you’re five weeks old. You turned one month on Saturday. I had this idea we were going to have blueberry muffins at Grandma’s birthday BBQ but I ran out of time and forgot to ask Daddy, Our Sidekick or Uncle Richard to get any, will have to make sure we have some for your next month-iversary.

So we’d been already for Cat to visit but there was a problem. She wasn’t feeling very well so instead of coming to visit us she stayed in bed and rescheduled for Friday. In the afternoon we caught a lift with Joy into town to go to the Ladies Coffee Date. There were more ladies there this week than there was the week before. You had a cuddle with Catherine W, Emma and Helen, you didn’t mind but you were getting hungry so you were getting grouchy and I don’t think you really wanted to be passed around. After the coffee date we went with Joy to collect her daughter from a play scheme. Her daughter was so excited to see you, she chatted to you all the way home and kept giving us a running update of what you were doing. While we were at the coffee date we were discussing how yummy the caramel frappes at The Fountain were. Catherine and Margaret were telling me all about them so I asked Daddy if he could get me one when he finished work. It was really good! If you’re in Bedford town centre be sure to stop by for one (or three!)

While we were at home in the morning we had a call from the Health Visitor who said that they didn’t need to come see you now unless I needed them too. Then while we were at the coffee date I had another call asking that we got you weighed again to make sure that you had regained your birth weight. The Health Visitor asked that we go to the Well Baby Clinic the next day.

Caramel Frappe from The Fountain

After work,  Daddy arrived home with the drink for me. Daddy and you went to hang out after he changed your nappy. While he did that I was finishing up some bits that I had been doing on the computer. when I heard them both come downstairs – I knew what was coming so tried to finish off what I was doing, Daddy made it to me too quickly and this happened. That would be you attempting to latch onto my shoulder! Clearly you were very hungry!


Today started a bit crazy. We got up and walked to the Well Baby Clinic to get you weighed. We stopped at the shop on the way to get Grandma some mint imperials for her car – I’d noticed the other day that she had ran out. We got to the clinic and were first in the queue which was good, we got you weighed and you are now 11lbs 1oz – which means that you’ve regained your birth weight and an extra 2 or 3 ounces which is good. Daddy had attempted to balance you on the kitchen scales again but you’re now a little bigger and you don’t quite fit now – also it pushed the reading almost off the top of the scale as you’re now almost over 5kg.

After the clinic we went to Cardington to help set up with the holiday club, you wouldn’t settle so Grandma and I took turns to cuddle you and give instructions while the other one did the work. It wasn’t too hard and we’d already got a rough idea of the plan so it didn’t take too long.

Later in the day when Our Sidekick got in from swimming he gave me an Aero bar of chocolate. I tucked it in the top of my pencil case which is living next to the computer.


I got up this morning and this is what I found. My chocolate had been munched 🙁

14883188786_21feb6d514_oThe chocolate fairies returned later in the day with another bar of chocolate for me and an apology.



In two weeks time, Uncle Richard gets married to Auntie Heather – I guess technically she’s not your Auntie yet but we keep calling her Auntie Heather because in two weeks she will be properly. You, Daddy, Our Sidekick and I went into town to find a suit for Our Sidekick, he’s going to be an usher so needed a suit to match the other ushers and men in the bridal party. I ran an errand for Grandpa while Daddy popped into work. When Daddy came to meet us he had a bacon sandwich for Our Sidekick who hadn’t had any breakfast and this bottle of Diet Cola for me – Daddy said it was from you – I guess given that you’re just five weeks old you must be very clever to be able to open the fridge door pick up a bottle of diet cola (that weights like a 10th of your weight lol) and pay for it. After looking for the suit we headed to one of the supermarkets to get the last few bits for Grandma’s birthday BBQ. There were quite a few bits that we needed to get but between Daddy, Our Sidekick and I, it became a bit of a comedy act to try and carry the shopping back to the car.


After we’d been to town we headed home. I worked on getting the bits ready for Grandma’s birthday BBQ. Daddy kept an eye on you while I did what I needed to do thankfully you were really good and slept for a chunk of the afternoon.

Birthday Apple

Candles in the garden

I made a comment to Daddy about my incision hurting last night so after he’d checked out my wound we decided we needed to go to the drop in clinic. So before church you, Daddy and I got ready and went to the drop in. The doctor said that my incision was a little infected so he gave me some medicine.

On the way to the supermarket to get the medicine we collected Our Sidekick so that we could go straight to church. We were a few minutes late to church, you, me and Daddy hung out at the back of church but when you wouldn’t settle we went to hang out in the other room. We figured you needed some food so you and I sat in crèche and had a feed.

While we were sat there we were joined by Becca and her little one. We both sat feeding and comparing notes as her little one is about two weeks younger than you. Then again size wise you’d think it was months between you two.

Daddy and I had been discussing about Our Sidekick going to try out the parkour club at Kingstom Gymnastic Club. He wasn’t that impressed about going but we headed over to MK anyway and he was told to give it a try and we’d see about next time.

We popped into the building where Kingston Tesco is. There are customer toilets but unlike Bedford there is no feeding/changing room. (Boo! Hiss!)

You, Daddy and I went to McDonalds to get some lunch, as we walked from the car the heavens opened and you nearly got soaked – thankfully Daddy was on it and he closed the two hoods on the buggy and held them closed while I pushed the buggy. I attempted to feed while we were in there but you weren’t happy – I’m not sure quite what was going on but I think you could feel how tense I was feeling. Daddy took you to the changing room to get your nappy changed and it turned out there was a chair in there for feeding (Note to self go in there next time!)

We went into Tesco to look for a suit for Our Sidekick in case they had one for a fraction of the price we found in town the day before. We found a grey suit but it was the wrong shade of grey.

After collecting Our Sidekick and getting him some lunch we popped to one of the department stores in the Centre MK to look for a suit – the boys had found one the day before but they hadn’t had it in the right sizes for Our Sidekick. Thankfully they did have it so we risked whether it was the right shade or not and got the size we thought was right (As Daddy had the day off work we figured that we could always go back to MK the following day if it was really needed because it was the wrong size or the wrong shade).

When we got home we chilled out for the rest of the day having had a bit of a crazy day.

Daddy, You and I started the day off by going out for breakfast. We went to the Harvester which have recently started doing breakfasts. We liked that there was a large choice of food but the service was really bad, the waitress we had took our order promptly enough but it took quite a while for the food to come. Thankfully we had the foresight to put you in the hug-a-bub and you settled right down next to me and stayed quiet the whole time we were out.


When we got home Daddy encouraged me to have a nap while you napped, except you wouldn’t nap! But you can guarantee had we gone out and done other stuff you’d have been fast asleep and I still wouldn’t have been able to nap! While you wouldn’t nap, I curled up on the bed and read Facebook and blog posts and various other bits and pieces.

At 6pm we were collected by Grandma to go to the holiday club at Cardington. When we got to Cardington I put you in your wrap and you were really quiet for the whole evening until about 8:45 when I woke you up to feed you while Grandma and Auntie Heather’s Mum practiced the puppet sketch for Holiday Club on Tuesday. On the way home we popped in to see my Auntie and my cousins so that they could meet you as they hadn’t met you yet. You were really good and although you were getting hungry again you didn’t start crying until J held you and he was given a warning that it wasn’t him that was making you cry.

Grandma and I started the morning by going to Slimming World. We all then ran some errands that Grandma needed to do. Then we went to the coffee morning at Renhold Chapel so that the old dearies could meet you. You have a fan club there too! I was asked so many times about how much you weighed and what your name was, also things like am I breastfeeding you (some of the ladies were very impressed and were rather excited about it all!). Great Grandma came up with this idea for a picture so I snapped it. Clearly you needed more coffee!


So you’re a month old, you keep exercising your cheek muscles like you might smile, I watch you when you’re asleep and you make funny faces, sometimes you smile, sometimes you frown but it’s like you’re practicing and trying to discover where each muscle is. Your neck is definitely getting stronger and you’re soon enough to tell us when you’re not comfortable. You’re getting stronger and managed to roll over on my lap – thankfully I caught you before you could do yourself any damage! You’re not entirely a fan of tummy time but I think that’s because you can’t really hold your head up at the moment so you keep face planting the carpet! Oops! You love the hug-a-bub and if we can’t get you to settle, Daddy will put you in the wrap and do laps of the house until you settle. If you won’t settle, I’ll hold you so your head rests on my chest – if I get you in the right place you can hear my heart and it helps you to settle. If there’s time I strap you into the hug-a-bub and potter round the house.


  1. Jess says:

    A whole month! It’s so exciting… I miss those quiet days. My Hubs was working 14 hour days the first month that my youngest was home. It was crazy… I miss it. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Ashley says:

    Aw, I always love reading these posts 🙂 So glad the chocolate fairy brought you a replacement! I hope you’re starting to feel better. It’s crazy that it’s been a month already!

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