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The West Wing (Season 3 – clearly I don’t have enough to be doing then again it can play in the background while I do other bits)
Thor: The Dark World
Dead Poet’s Society
James May’s Cars of The People (Funnily enough my favourites – VW Beetle, Citroen 2CV and the original Fiat 500 were all featured)

Not so many books this week but been reading lots of articles and blog posts. One of my favourite Christian musician’s came out as gay last week so there’s been lots of debate about whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing and should she have done it and things like that. The first article appeared in the Independent Newspaper on Wednesday. This and another incident even appeared in the Pastor’s talk yesterday at church. I missed a chunk of the sermon as I was sat in the creche focusing on taking care of Jaxon but the bits I did catch were interesting.

Yesterday evening we went to The King’s Arms Church here in Bedford to hear Canon Andrew White speak about the work he does in the Middle East specifically Iraq and also the current situation that’s going on there. It was interesting but also really heartbreaking to hear what is going on at the moment and from someone who has been experiencing it on the ground rather than through what the media report like the rest of us. We received an email from the admin team at church from the leader of another church here in Bedford on Wednesday, Grandma and Grandad offered us a lift if we needed it – rather than taking two cars if we could fit in one. Actually it turned out that going in Grandma and Grandad’s car was a really good idea. We left our house at 6:30 and by the time we got to the church, there was a really long queue along Ampthill Road like you normally get during the rush hour. When we got to the front of the queue people were being turned away and told to park at the Park and Ride which is about 10 minutes walk away. Had it been Chris and I in our car we’d have had to do this, we’d decided to not take the buggy as we expected the church to be quite busy but we hadn’t though about how busy – thankfully Chris had the Hug-A-Bub so he could wrap Jaxon in that if needed. As we were with Grandma and Grandad we were able to use Grandma’s blue badge to try and get a disabled bay – technically we weren’t in a disabled bay in the end but one of the stewards had got our back and so we were okay to park where we ended up parking. The welcome team were super friendly, especially when Jaxon started crying at a really quiet moment – the guy who spoke to me offered to direct me to the “feeding room” that they have if I needed it. I didn’t need it as I just got on and fed Jaxon where I was sat but it was lovely to know that they had a space and were on the ball to offer that service.

Again still the radio. I have a playlist on my phone of songs that we’ve been asked to sing at my Brother’s wedding on Saturday. Some of them I know really well but others I don’t know as well. One of the songs that is on the list is Lean on Me but it’s not the normal version it’s a cover by a band called Mudd. I don’t mind it but definitely prefer the original.

Christmas presents when I can. I have one almost sort of finished but it has a few finishing touches. I then need to get on designing some other presents – this is number 2 that I’m on and I think I have 4 or 5 to go lol.

Better than earlier, Jaxon was up extra times in the night which was unusual, it also meant that I was really struggling to get myself out of bed to help him, thankfully Chris got up to take care of him the closest time to his alarm so I got a bit more of a doze which was good. Jaxon has slept on and off all morning and when he is awake he’s quite clingy. I wasn’t very well on Friday/Saturday (hence disappearing off the map!) so I’m wondering if the bug or whatever has passed to him via my milk or something like that and now he’s fighting it off. I might take him for a walk later and see if some fresh air makes him feel any better. It’s really hard as he can’t tell me what’s wrong and I think that’s stressing me out a little bit but for now I’m putting that into getting a few things done.

STILL working on the media kit – I think I might ask Chris to help me with the design once I’ve sketched an idea of what I want – I think it would probably look more professional then rather than my half ditched attempt lol.

My family, on Thursday I was heading into town and as I stood at the bus stop Grandma and Grandad drove past on their way to town. They stopped and offered me a lift, I said only if you’re going that way anyway (chances are they’d have taken a detour for me anyway!). On Saturday my friend was at work and put out a request on FB for some assistance. I texted Chris to see if he could help and he was able to help. I think it made my friend’s day!


  1. rickiej says:

    I’ve always said, if ever I couldn’t work or had time out of any description (not that motherhood is time out by any stretch of the imagination!!) I would buy the West Wing box set! I don’t currently own any – but that would be the one!
    But tell me, it felt like 3 seasons for me – over in a flash! How many are there?

    • Hannah says:

      Haha yeah being a Mum isn’t really time out but you do find you have extra time. You know that 2am feed becomes “reading Facebook” time and that 4am feed is read blogs and comment – how many can you fit in one feed and is it more or less than last night? – if there happens to be a 6am feed it’s mentally write a to do list – unless Jaxon is latched on the left hand side in which case you can write a paper to do list as it’s light outside and you don’t need to turn the light on! I imagine getting up for 6am feeds in the winter will be a bit depressing as it’ll still be dark – I think I will need to find something else to do in that slot! There are seven seasons of The West Wing and I actually just finished Season 3 – turns out as I wrote this post I finished the final episode. (Woah! Amy Adams makes an appearance in the first episode of Season 4!), I have a friend who watched TWW every Autumn – I’m not sure why but he feels like it’s the right time to watch it – maybe it’s like the bit in You’ve Got Mail when Tom Hanks says that he’d send Meg Ryan a bunch of newly sharpened pencils if he had her name and address because you buy school supplies in the fall. (Epic reply!)

  2. getfitwithblake says:

    I love the idea of writing everything down thats awesome. I need to find Dead Poets Society so I can own it and review it because I love that movie!

    • Hannah says:

      I haven’t got any further than when I posted about it – and there was me thinking I was being really organised! You’re right it is a bit tedious but it’s one of those things where you have to think of the benefits.

  3. Laura says:

    oh my gosh, Thor is one of my favorites! And Loki too! Also, you’ve gotta show us the media kit when you’re done, I love seeing how people design them!

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