Dear Jaxon…6 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

On Friday you will have been in our lives for six months already. It’s slightly crazy and I don’t quite believe it.

We celebrated your first Christmas back in December. I’m not entirely sure you understood what was going on but you loved the Christmas lights on the trees and when we opened your presents and gave you new toys you got rather excited. One of the first ones we gave you was a small Dalmatian dog. We decided he should be called Pongo from the story 101 Dalmatians. One day I’ll be sure to read you the story.

A few weeks before Christmas you were given a book of Winnie The Pooh stories. I started reading you part of the story but you kept trying to grab at the pictures, it’s a heavy book so if you’d pulled it onto your legs or something like that you might have hurt yourself.

Minus the odd few feeds when you’ve been given formula, you’ve been breastfed. We were trying to hold on until you were six months as that was what we had been advised by the health visitors. For a while you’ve been staring us down for our food or getting grumpy when we’ve been eating at meal times and you have just had milk. We were recommended to keep breastfeeding you rather than wean early so just had to deal with the grumpy fog you seemed to be in. Having given you your first spoonfuls of porridge on Christmas Eve along with a little bit of fruit you perked up and were smiley again. Now you’ve been on “solids” for breakfast and tea and breastmilk in the middle you’re more fidgety and more vocal. You chat away and even though we don’t understand it seems like you’re having a conversation sometimes.

If I sit you on my lap you keep pushing up to try and stand up, if we take you by the hands and hold you up you’ll walk round the room. We keep getting told off because apparently it’s bad for your legs, but you did walk down the hall at Auntie K’s with help from Daddy and neither Auntie K or J told us off and they both worked in medicine for many years so would have known if it was a problem.

This jumper was knitted for you by Grandma. She made you a pale blue one in the previous size, then you got too big for it so I asked her if she could knit another in the next size up as it’s really snuggly and would be good in the cold weather. You received some other clothes for Christmas too so you’ve been wearing the ones that fit you at the moment. Some of them are 12-18 months so you’ll wear them in the summer when it’s warm enough and you’ll fit them.

Jaxon - 6 Months Old

Weight: You’re due to get weighed tomorrow but I might have to go eslewhere or postpone to next week but I’m pretty sure we’re going to be between 19lbs and 20lbs.
EDIT: I guessed right. You were weighed at 19lbs 11.
Clothes: Mostly 6-9 months but in trousers I am pretty sure you’re going to stay in 3-6 months for a bit longer. Socks wise you are currently wearing a 12-18 month pair – that doesn’t make sense and I think it’s the socks rather than your feet!
Nappies: Size 4 – we haven’t got back to the cloth bum but we’ll try again soon.
Feeds: You still have milk during the day but for breakfast and dinner you get some solids.
Teeth: Make that 6… yes 6 teeth! Your top four all came in within a few days of each other which was a little stressful.
Bedtime: Still around 10 but we think we have a plan now. We take you upstairs closer to 9, change your nappy, put you in your pyjamas, feed you and have a story. Then hopefully around 10 you are settled and ready for bed.
Likes: You still prefer to be naked rather than in clothes, I imagine that I’ll spend most of my time chasing you round the house to put clothes on you once you start walking.
Dislikes: You’re not a fan of your car seat – I think this is because you’re getting a bit long for the carry seat, you just about the right weight to move up but the seat we have got doesn’t rear face and we’re reluctant to have you front facing so early.

Happy half birthday little one.

Love you

Mummy x


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