Dear Jaxon… – 6 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Today you are six weeks old, as I write this you’re wrapped up in the Hug-A-Bub, you were getting yourself worked up and I think it was because you were tired and couldn’t get yourself to sleep. Some days I think me holding you makes you replace sleep with milk – I guess we’ll see as you get older.

Last week it was Holiday Club over at Cardington. During the day we mainly spent the time at home trying not to do too much to make sure I didn’t over do it. Normally each week I take notes and things like that about what we got up to but this week I didn’t which is slightly annoying so I’m sort of piecing it together as best I can.

We wandered to the supermarket for some bits that we needed and then wandered home again, we definitely needed a chilled out day.

We headed into town to meet Emma for a coffee. While we were stood at the bus stop, Great Grandma and Great Grandad drove past, they were on their way into town and wondered if we’d like a lift, so rather than catching the bus they gave us a lift as far as the doctors surgery and we walked the rest of the way. This meant we were early for our coffee date so we had a potter round the shops. We went to a couple of the charity shops and found you some cute outfits. I nearly bought you a t-shirt that had Sully from Monsters Inc on it but it said “Daddy’s Little Monster” and I wasn’t so keen on that. We then went to meet Emma at Coffee With Art. Normally we meet at a different coffee shop but it was nice to do something different. The coffee shop has a staircase made of books which is really cool. It’s not Daddy’s kind of thing but I really loved it. We sat chatting about all sorts of bits and pieces and you had a cuddle with Emma.

Exploding Wall
The Book Staircase

Today was the final day of holiday club – you don’t have to worry now, it’ll all be done until next year – we might be able to sort a babysitter instead so that you don’t have to come with me and you can go to bed as normal – or we sort with Daddy that he has to be home from work on time/early on those days if he can make it. During the day, S, our supervising social worker for looking after Our Sidekick came for a visit – you were chilled and then fell asleep during our meeting which was good – it was easier to deal with you like that, than when you’re upset and grouchy. After that, you and I went shopping with Grandpa, I think he liked going out with us, he pushed your around in the buggy while I did some shopping, he then took us home and went to visit Great Grandad. Part way through the evening I had a text from Daddy. Your grandparents had come to collect Auntie Rachel and they’d popped by to say hello but you weren’t there as you were with me at Holiday Club, so after some discussion Daddy came to collect you from the church, at first he couldn’t find you as you were being passed round, when Daddy got there Rebecca C was having a cuddle with you – I think you were puzzled about all the new people who you were meeting. I stayed with Grandma while you went home with Daddy. When I got home you were having a lovely cuddly with Grandma but you were getting grouchy because although there had been a bottle of expressed milk in the fridge for you, it wasn’t quite enough so you were hungry again. After feeding you, we both headed to bed but I started to feel poorly, I thought it might have passed in the morning so didn’t say anything and went to bed.

There’d been this plan. We were going to charge through the week doing holiday club and then Saturday was going to be a chilled out day, while Uncle Richard, Grandpa and a heap of their friends went on Uncle Richard’s stag do, Grandma S was going to catch up with things around the house and work bits and it would be okay because the boys would be out all day. Well during the night I hadn’t been very well, I tried feeding you in the morning but whatever was going on was making my stomach and back hurt so sitting up to feed you was really hurting. Daddy got me to call BEDOC in case it was something that I could pass to you, having spoken to the doctor/nurse over the phone she suggested that we went into see someone. Daddy had already rang Grandma and asked her to stand by as he really needed to get to work. Grandma came to the rescue and took us to the hospital. She looked after you while I went in to see the doctor. Thankfully it wasn’t serious and the doctor thought it could just be a bug and to keep an eye on my symptoms. I guess had it been serious Daddy would have done what was needed to close the shop and then come home or met us at the hospital if it was really desperate. That would have really stuffed up Grandma’s day if she then had to spend all morning in the hospital with me. We spent most of the day hanging out at home so that I could recover and feel better.

We headed to church early so that Chris could speak to a couple of people about your dedication service. We were in the service but really it was too loud and so we went to sit in the other room. A couple of the little girls at church came to say hello to you but you were feeding so you weren’t all that interested (clearly food is more important to you than the girls which is kind of good right now lol). After church we stayed for the picnic but because it had been raining earlier in the morning we stayed at church and sat round the tables instead. You ended up sat in your car seat so that we could eat, you had sort of settled but wouldn’t sleep, instead you sat in your chair and watched everyone. After church we came home and watched Aladdin and Dead Posts Society.

What did we do on Monday little one? I think we spent most of the day at home.

Today we had to go shopping – it seems that we were down to our last handful of nappies – really during one of your naps I need to circulate the pile and work out what we’ve actually got. Before you were born we had stockpiled Size 1 nappies as we knew you’d go through them at a rate of knots. Now you’re in a Size 2 – I think you would still fit in a Size 1 but as it happens you are right in the middle of the Size 2 age bracket and given the presents we’ve had in your nappies you probably need the extra material to contact them!

In the afternoon we walked to Grandma’s to collect the dedication invites that she’d made for us. We then walked home via Lucy’s house to drop off a thank you card and a birthday card for her little boy who is 1 this week. We then went to the supermarket to try and get a new phone charger as mine has well and truly died. When we got there, they said that they were out of stock – well that was annoying especially as I’d got so little battery in my phone it had switched itself off on the way to the supermarket. Daddy has a plan though.

So it’s now Wednesday – which technically will come on next week’s post when you’ll be seven weeks, but I wanted to mention this. First thing you went to sleep at about 9:45 or something like that, after reading for a little while I decided that I would go to bed as I was actually really tired! I fell asleep and at some point in the night I woke up. I’d been dreaming that you were asleep next to me, so when I woke up and Daddy was right next to me (I mean like he was side by side to me not just in the bed next to me) I nearly jumped out the bed. It turned out that while I was dreaming I’d somehow put my arm right across Daddy which is unusual as we both like our space when we’re sleeping! I went straight back to sleep, I hadn’t checked the time so I’m not sure how long I was asleep for but when you started to whimper because you needed a feed and a change I checked the time and it was 3:30am – you’d slept for almost 6 hours straight – that’s a NJR – that’s New Jaxon Record.



    • Hannah says:

      Thanks Jaimie, sorry for the delay – I am feeling better thank you. I loved the idea of being able to show him what he was like when he was little, now that it’s so easy to take photos and things like that whereas when I was little, getting film developed was still quite pricey and you had the risk that the pictures were dodgy. I snap so many pictures though that I wanted to add text so I remember what we were doing lol.

    • Hannah says:

      Almost 7 now! We’ve set a date for his dedication which is really exciting. I have more of those cards to come but the next one is next week, from 4 weeks it’s each two weeks and then at 12 weeks it goes to monthly instead but I think I’ll fill in the gaps along the way.

    • Hannah says:

      I think the books would have to be stuck together or something like that so they didn’t rock or get compressed over time – how’s the packing/unpacking going?

    • Hannah says:

      The staircase is amazing right? We have this conversation every so often about what we’d have in our dream house – a staircase like that would be pretty cool.

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