Dear Jaxon…7 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Last week you turned seven months old. I had got as far as writing this post but didn’t get as far as finishing it. There were too many exciting (and not so exciting adventures going on!)

You’ve recently got the hang of sitting up. Sometimes you have a wobble and fall forwards or backwards but overall you’re doing okay and getting there. When you’re lying down you often roll onto your side or sometimes on to your front but still not quite got the hang of rolling the other way.

One day this week I put you down for a nap and you managed to roll yourself onto your side in your sleep. You looked really comfortable and I figured that if you got uncomfortable or stuck then you’d wake up and cry rather than me move you and wake you up.

We keep trying to encourage you to have more tummy time as we think you might be about to skip crawling. If you lie down on your back you can wiggle yourself across the room given the chance. I kept checking on you but you were on the floor for about two hours one afternoon and had made it about a metre across the floor and were playing with the bottom of your chair.

You’ve just been moved up to the next stage on baby food but you’re not convinced – I don’t think you like the fact that you have to work for it by chewing up the lumps which weren’t there before!

Love you


Weight: You smashed 20lbs and you’re now 20lbs 5.5oz
Clothes: You’re in 6-9 months but in some things we’re heading towards 9-12 months just because you don’t fit!
Nappies: Size 4
Feeds: You still have milk during the day but for breakfast and dinner you get some solids.
Teeth: Still on the six although 7 and 8 can be felt in the gum.
Bedtime: We take you up around 9pm, you have a feed and then you head to bed, some nights are more settled that others but you nearly always get to sleep for about 3-4 hours in that first block.
Likes: You are a little telly addict so when Grandpa puts on Thomas and Friends especially for you then you’re glued!
Dislikes: You’re not a fan of the lumps in the new food but in order to move onto more yummier things is to eat those lumps and get used to it. You wouldn’t want blundered burgers or sausages lol.

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