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Things I'm Grateful For

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I’m writing this post sat on the floor of The Fountain while Chris and the team tidy up. We stopped by for a flying visit and I thought I’d use the time sort of wisely. I attempted to sort out Chris’s Valentine’s present but the shop I went to didn’t have what I needed so going to have to go out again later when I get in. This post was started last week so it’s like two weeks gratefulness.

So here are the things I’m grateful for this week:

Blogging Friends 
The last 12 hours or so we’ve been having a team effort fixing bits of coding – it’s take a few attempts and a few of us working on it but we’ve come together as a group and managed to fix it.

Customer Service
I managed to lose my Fitbit and yes I’m gutted! I spoke to Customer Service at FitBit and they’ve been able to offer some suggestions of things to try but I’m pretty sure it’s run out of charge now 🙁 Their Customer Service warns you that they might not get back to you straight away and it could be up to two days – the response I got was within six hours! But then after replying I didn’t hear from them until Tuesday when I got a notification to tell me a “goodwill replacement” would be delivered on Thursday. However after not hearing back from them and trying the school to see if it had been handed in after Slimming World I went to buy a new Fitbit on Monday thinking that was enough time to wait. Well yesterday the “goodwill” replacement arrived so I now have a new one that I bought and a new one that I was “given” so what do I do now? Sell the replacement? Return the replacement I bought? Eek I don’t know!

My Parents
Again I am grateful for them. Yesterday they were originally having Jaxon so that we could go to Sixth Form Open Evening with Our Sidekick but we had a change of plan and ended up going for dinner with Our Sidekick. Extra focused time for him was needed so my parents still had Jaxon for us. They currently have Jaxon as we went to a fostering meeting that we have to do every so often.

Uncle S
He’s a superhero. So that Chris and I can do the marriage course he comes to our house and babysit the boys for us. It’s a long day for him as he does extra voluntary stuff before work on a Wednesday, does his full day at work, charges home to grab dinner then comes to ours to take over from me while we’re out.

Our Sidekick
I’m grateful for him because yesterday when he got in from his friend’s house after school he looked after Jaxon so that I could have a shower and have some time to myself before we went out. He was packing the papers for his round while looking after Jaxon and I think he had the television on too so it wasn’t like it was a chore (or at least I don’t think he found it was a chore).

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