Dear Jaxon… 7 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Today you are 7 weeks old. You’re starting to hold your head up more and also you’ve discovered your hands so between meals you often wedge your hand in your mouth and have a nibble. We seem to have a sort of schedule going but sometimes it seems like we’re on different schedules. You’re getting the hang of smiling, it’s still a little rough round the edges but we’re getting there.

I’m confused with these two days. Somehow I’ve got confused and can’t remember when things happened!

Somehow during the one of the nights you managed almost six hours sleep straight. I appreciated the sleep but when you did wake up I was worried if you were okay.

On Wednesday we had the last band practice before the reception on Saturday. You slept through the whole rehearsal even though it was a little loud.

On Thursday you, Grandma and I went to Slimming World. Lots of people came to look at you and ask how you were doing. You’re a bit of a celebrity lol.

During the evening, Our Sidekick went with Auntie Heather to Renhold Village Hall (where the reception would be) to do various bits including one massive surprise bit (I didn’t know about the surprise until it actually happened at the reception). Our Sidekick almost landed Grandma in it because she was super excited about the surprise but couldn’t ruin it by telling me before it happened.

Today we went to your first wedding. Uncle Richard married Auntie Heather. It was a bit all go until we got to the church in the afternoon, we saw each other on and off all day which I think really put you off as we’ve spent most of every day since you were born together, if you cry then I’m usually within earshot to be able to fix the problem.

You were so good all day, you didn’t cry in the service even when Daddy took you up the front so he could do the reading. There was a collective holding of breathe as I think people thought you might cry just at that moment but you didn’t.

You did start to get restless during the photos but once we got inside and you had a feed you were much happier. You got to meet Ally, David, Emily and Cat before the meal and then later in the evening you got to meet Kirsty too.

Daddy took you home while I finished at the reception. When I got home you were fast asleep.

I think not really seeing me, along with all the new people and strange surroundings on Saturday had really tired you out, you slept for nearly 6 hours during the night which was lovely and so welcomed however I woke up about 45 minutes before you because I thought I was going to explode. I got up and expressed some milk along with loading the dishwasher while I waited for bits to sterilise, Then I heard a cry coming from upstairs, you’d woken up. Although it was painful to be woken up like that, the extra milk came in handy because the expressed milk could then be taken out with us at lunchtime and it meant that I didn’t have to find somewhere to sit on my own and feed you – I could stay with the group and chat while feeding you.

After your feed and a change, we attempted to go back to sleep rather than going to church. Daddy and Our Sidekick still went to church though. Daddy came to collect us so that we could go for lunch with the Picnic Gang. We had lunch at church and you joined us sat on my knee at the table.

Following lunch we went home and just chilled out given how shattered we still were.

As it was a Bank Holiday, Daddy had come up with a plan, when we got up in the morning though it was raining quite heavily but that didn’t stop Daddy we were still going for an adventure. We went to the Bank Holiday Market at Bourn after we had breakfast which was your furthest trip away from home so far.

We explored the market then went into Cambridge to get some lunch and also to go to the Museum of Technology. We arrived at the museum and you were getting a little worked up. I thought you just needed changing so you and I went to find the baby changing. Well it turned out it was me kneeling on the floor. After changing you we went and waited in the corridor for Daddy to find us. We joined the tour for about ten minutes but it wasn’t working. I had a quick scout for somewhere to sit to feed you but there wasn’t anywhere. I did find a chair but it was right in the middle of a busy pathway between two for the rooms……

In the end I left Daddy with the buggy and took you back to the car. We had a feed and you fell asleep in my lap.

We stayed there while Our Sidekick and Daddy finished the museum tour. Our Sidekick ran up to the car and banged on the window. You jumped a mile but didn’t wake up which was pretty impressive.

Today was a busy day. You and I caught the bus into town. I had just missed the next one so we ended up waiting in the rain. You were under your rain cover and I was wearing Our Sidekick’s waterproof as I’ve lost mine.

We got off the bus and walked back to the office where Grandma was working today. We popped into Roosters so that I could grab a drink. The ladies behind the counter were really lovely especially as I was a bit flustered lol. There was a customer sat next to the door and he held the door open for us when we arrived and then again when we left. I was so grateful.

While I went to talk social media to one of Grandma’s clients, she took you round to see some of the other people in the building who all wanted an update of how you were doing.

You, Grandma and I went to run some errands and then went to lunch at Willington. I managed to feed you with no problems in the cafe but changing your nappy was a joke. Once I got the buggy into the disabled toilet I couldn’t get the changing bed down. Then because of where the toilet and bin were I couldn’t move it round. In the end I had to leave the buggy outside with grandma while I changed you.

We ran a couple more errands then went to Grandma’s house. I worked on some bits while you slept in the car seat. In the afternoon we went to visit Veronica and Basil as they were up here visiting Kate. They were so excited to meet you and even Lola-Dog wanted to meet you. At one point her tail nearly hit the car seat and we thought she might wake you.

Grandma got us home and you were desperate for a feed, to the point of crying really Ioud!

I’ve got the feeling I might have missed things but hopefully this covers the week!

Seven Weeks Old


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