Dear Jaxon… – 9 weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Yesterday you turned two months old, we moved you up to Size three nappies and well and truly in 3-6 months clothes. Your 3-6 month trousers are still a little baggy but while you’re still sitting still and not trying to crawl or wriggle too much they are okay to wear anyway.

After yesterday’s issues with getting your vaccinations we had a second attempt today. I was all geared up to get them now.

The new ring sling arrived in the morning so we had a test around the house, I hadn’t entirely got it correct how to do it up at first but you were comfortable and fell asleep almost straight away. I posted a picture to one if the Facebook groups I belong to and they were able to give me pointers to get it right so that you were safe and comfortable.

In the afternoon we went to the doctors again. There were three nurses to do your vaccinations. One I think was doing the admin side and making sure the lot numbers and things like that were added to your medical record. The other two were actually administering the vaccinations. Your first vaccine was a medicine that they gave you orally, the nurse gave it to you bit by bit and you swallowed it all down. Apparently you were one of the few babies who had taken all the vaccine rather than dribbling it down your chin or throwing it up. (That’s my boy! No messing!)

The next two were a little more painful. There were two spvaccines to be given, rather rthan doing them separately, you had one nurse on each side and they went both at the same time so it was over and done with quickly. You cried for about a minute then stopped, we had a cuddle and then you were fine. I think that’s the way Daddy would react too.

Following the vaccinations we went home and just chilled out, you were starting to feel grouchy as your body did what it needed to, to the vaccinations. You were quite clingy for most of the afternoon but you let me put you in the ring sling so that I could peel potatoes and make dinner.

Originally we were going to get up and catch the bus to town so that you and I could go to Bumps and Babes at St. John’s but there was a last minute change of plan and we ended up with the car. Actually it turned out this was a really good thing, Daddy asked if we could take some bits to church for him while were out so we did that on our way home. Then as Daddy wasn’t starting work until the afternoon we went to Jaffa for lunch. Daddy had soup, which he tried hard not to drip on your head as you were in the wrap. I had a coronation chicken vienna which was lovely but I’m sure had too much mayonnaise on it! Oops!

In the afternoon we went to collect Grandma for Slimming World then we went in the new car. You had lots of huggles with Grandma and Cat while we were at group. When we got home, Nanna was here and Grandad had gone to collect Auntie Rachel. You had a cuddle with Nanna then decided that you were hungry so we had a feed. When Auntie Rachel arrived you had a short hug but you were getting tired and I think the grouchy from your vaccinations. I put you in the new ring sling and you seemed to settle but you didn’t go to sleep like normal. I ended up eating my dinner standing up so that I could keep moving when you got restless.

In the end you went to sleep around 10pm and that was it – no peep until tomorrow morning.

Hello there little one, I’ve actually tried to be organised this time round and I’ve started this post as it’s happening. As I write this you’re sat in your car seat on the living room sleeping. We’ve been home almost an hour and you’ve been there even with Daddy and I chatting around you. You’ve been coughing for the last couple of days but as you weren’t running a temperature you were still able to have your vaccines on Wednesday. I think this has knocked you for six. You managed to sleep 6 and a half hours last night, slept for most of the time that Daddy, you and I were out this morning and then you’ve slept more this afternoon. When you have been awake you have been a little bit more grumpy and grisly, I’m hoping that by Tuesday when we go to Playtime you might be a little happier.

Daddy, you and I went to the country park at Harold and while we were there we introduced you to the ducks. I’m not sure you were entirely fussed but we had fun feeding the ducks on your behalf. Dady spread the seed on a seat and tried to get the ducks to hop up but they weren’t obliging lol.

Mummy and Jaxon watching the ducks

Daddy encouraging the ducks to come for food

Daddy and Jaxon feeding the ducks

I’m not actually sure what we did on Saturday, it’s possible that we spent the day at home while Our Sidekick went to see his Mum.

This time next week it’s your dedication. Following church, Daddy spent the time chatting to people to organise the food for the buffet after the service. I fed you but had to pop home after there was an accident with my shirt. Daddy looked after you while I went home, thankfully him and Our Sidekick saved me some lunch so when I got back to church there was some waiting for me, You on the other hand were fast asleep in the carrier. Sometimes I think Daddy has a magic touch!

On the way home we decided to take a walk around the Marina while the weather was so good, we also went to the the kayaking course to watch a competition that was taking place. When we got home, something had got to you because you threw an almighty strop and got really worked up. At one point we just left you in the middle of our bed while you cried and cried because we didn’t know what to do, you had a clean nappy and had been fed, we tried cuddling you but that seemed to get you more worked up. Eventually you’d got in such a state that you’d exhausted yourself and had to go to sleep instead. While you slept in the middle of our bed, Daddy and I worked our way round the house making a list of things that needed to be done to make the house tidier. We then took it in turns to go up and down the stairs to check on you, I think in the end though Daddy decided to bring you downstairs given how fast asleep you were!

Following our list writing yesterday I’d also made a list of things that needed to be done before the dedication, I thought I was being really clever and you and I went to Milton Keynes to buy a cake. However when we got there it turned out that the cakes the shop made had a 3 day shelf life so actually we needed to come back later in the week to do it.

While we were in the shopping centre comparing cake prices you decided that you needed a feed so we ended up going to the Baby Facilites in John Lewis. They were really good, there were comfortable chairs for feeding, there was a water machine so that Mummies could grab a glass of water if needed. There was even a Parent and Child toilet which was the size of a disabled loo and had plenty of space for a buggy etc.

In the afternoon, we went out in the garden to do some bits. I folded up a blanket for you on the grass and then wrapped it round you so you were sort of swaddled in it too. You laid on the grass looking at the sky and the trees while I did some pruning (more like hacking!) to the plants – I got as far as abandoning the debris across the grass because I couldn’t get the green bin through the house to the back garden.

In the evening one of the ladies from church came as she needed Daddy’s help with a project, she gave you a cuddle and I think sang to you in Polish when you were getting worked up.

Around 5am you woke up in a state, you’d started coughing and then couldn’t really stop. We managed to calm you long enough to try and feed but it wasn’t really helping. Daddy managed to get some nasal drops into you but that wound you up more. We decided that I’d try and get you a doctor’s appointment because it was causing you a lot of distress and we can’t really give you anything to help.

I rang the Doctor’s and even at 8:09am they were down to emergency appointments. Given your age and the fact that you’d been coughing for a week I somehow managed to get you an appointment but it did mean we had to miss going to the coffee morning at Grandma’s Church. Following the doctors we popped into Hobbycraft to get the cake topper for Sunday. We then went home and did various bits and pieces.

In the afternoon, I took you to Grandma’s house as I had to go to a meeting with Our Sidekick and Chris to discuss some bits with the fostering team. We grabbed tea on the way to Grandma’s house and I decided that you and I would stay at Grandma’s until we all went to the Knitting Group.

We got out the car and walked to knitting group and as we did you fell asleep in the buggy and stayed asleep until almost the end of knitting group, you had a cuddle with Grandma and then with Grandpa who was on his way home from work and a meal with his boss.

You went to sleep around 10pm, I woke around 2am and you were fast asleep, even when I’d been to the loo and came back you were still out, I went back to sleep again and I woke around 5:30 and you were awake, I had to give you some of the nasal drops as you were really bunged up. You cried really loud and I think you might have woken up Our Sidekick. After about half an hour of a feed and a change, you went back to sleep but I was totally awake. As we were out of a few bits I figured that was the time to make a high speed supermarket run, I left a note for Daddy saying that there was a bottle of expressed milk in the fridge if things got desperate and I quickly and quietly left the house. I went to the supermarket and was home again in 20 minutes, when I got back upstairs you were both still out for the count!

Jaxon is now Two Months Old

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