Currently…15th September


Currently… image from rukristin

Who Do You Think You Are?
The Great British Bake Off
The Ghost Whisperer

Simply Crochet and another knitting magazine my Mum gave me.

Top 40 chart although most of the songs I hadn’t heard or didn’t like.

I finished a birthday present at high speed on Saturday ready to deliver it at the church service this morning. When I know the recipient has opened it I’ll add a picture. Still working on a Christmas present though.

I still have the cough that Jaxon gave me but after slipping over at church yesterday I have a bruised ankle. I didn’t think I needed medical attention at first but after sitting down for a few hours watching TV and listening to the radio my ankle had swollen so we went to A&E to see what was going on. I had an X-Ray but it was all clear and just confirmed it was bruised rather than any breaks etc.

The minimum amount needed to be able to pass our social worker visit tomorrow…..mainly because I’m supposed to rest.

How Jaxon is getting better at smiling, how good he was at the service yesterday even though it was quite overwhelming meeting so many new people and also that he’s sort of learning to roll over. He can wiggle his legs towards rolling but hasn’t got the hang of moving his top half yet.


    • Hannah says:

      Am trying. Have a social worker visit shortly so have been tidying rather than resting 🙁 hopefully I’ll get to chill this evening and it’ll all be good lol.

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