Dear Jaxon… – Two Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

You’re now two weeks old – how did that happen? We spent a chunk of last week hanging out with Grandma S, as she was on “Hannah Duty”, she helped me round the house and looked after you when I needed to take a nap. Apparently you lay in the moses basket next to the living room window while Grandma worked on Daddy’s computer.

On Friday, you, Daddy and I went to introduce you to Great Grandma Dot and Auntie Sue. It was really warm on Friday and by the time we were in the car heading towards Great Grandma’s house, we got stuck in rush hour (although it started at 4pm instead!) and a mammoth queue up to the Black Cat Roundabout. Great Grandma and Auntie Sue were both super excited to meet you although in the end we couldn’t stay as long as we would have liked to because of getting caught in traffic on the way.

When we got home you were hot and bothered. Daddy was on the case though. He carried your car seat straight into the kitchen, scooped you up out of the car seat, handed you to me and grabbed a muslin that had been used as a sunshade in the car. He soaked the muslin under the cold kitchen tap and wrapped the muslin round you. I then carried you upstairs to our bedroom which was cooler than the other rooms in the house and put you on the bed. We sat talking to you but didn’t touch you because each time we held you, you were getting warmer again.

This weekend was the River Festival so Daddy went to work Friday afternoon to get everything set up and we didn’t see him again until late Sunday night. I know you can’t tell us but I think you missed him. You wasn’t like you could be naughty and play up but I think combine missing Daddy and the heat and you weren’t a happy bunny at all.

Over the weekend Nanny J came to stay with us and Auntie Rae stopped by on Sunday afternoon. We spent a lot of time not doing anything due to the heat. I did think about going to the festival especially to see Daddy but it was too far for me to walk and I can’t drive at the moment.

On Saturday we went to the Post Natal Clinic so that you and I could both get checked over and made sure we were okay. You have maintained your weight so we could be discharged from the Midwife’s care on that part but because your cord is still attached (although it’s not looking that nice now!) we can’t be discharged completely. On the other hand my wound is healing and is clean, along with various other bits and pieces they have to check off means that I have been discharged. The health visitor is coming today so we’ll see how that goes.

Yesterday, you met your Great Grandad and your Great Auntie Alison. In the evening, you came to a Holiday Club meeting. You got to meet your Auntie-to-Be – she loved holding you and giving you a cuddle. Her Mum also held you. Apparently she’s your Great Aunt in Law but that sure sounds complicated!!

Anyway, apart from the heat disrupting all our sleep you’ve been well behaved lol. Daddy keeps trying to teach you to stick out your tongue, sometimes it works but I’m not sure if you just licking your lips or trying to tell us you’re hungry or you actually sticking out your tongue (but it keeps Daddy out of trouble and he thinks it’s working!)

Jaxon Albert - Two Weeks Old

Love you Little One


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