TIGF: Thing’s I’m Grateful For…

Things I'm Grateful For

After writing my post in Saturday, I decided to add it as a regular. So here I am with a nursing baby attempting to blog one handed. See Mamas multitask.

To My Mum you get a mention again. You came round last Sunday to look after me while Chris went to church to show off Jaxon and introduce him. You got me done breakfast and moved the washing round. You brought a load of washing and helped me put it away after I sorted it while sat on the bed.

To our next set of visitors, thank you for the goodies and offers of help and meals. They are gratefully appreciated.

To Jaxon, how is it some nights (so far) you sleep so well thank you 🙂 (and you didn’t wake up during the thunderstorm – how did that work??)

To Joy our washing machine broke down this week and you offered to do some washing for us. Thank you!!!

To Helen thank you for sending us a message about your supermarket trip and asking if we needed anything. Thank you 🙂

To Our Sidekick, you were poorly and even then when you went downstairs to get a drink you knocked on the nursery door to see if I needed anything while you were downstairs – something was wrong with that picture I should have been taking care of you. I left a note for you in the kitchen with a bar of your favourite chocolate. My note just said “This is for you, have a good 1/2 day at school”, on the bottom you’d added “Thank you” – way to make my heart explode hehe.

To Chris, after my excursion to the supermarket I had a nap and gained a headache even though I’d been drinking water like it was going out of fashion! At 3:30am there was a thunderstorm and I was awake for it which didn’t help the headache. At about 5am ish when Jaxon woke up and I thought he needed a feed, I tried to feed him but was really struggling because my head was banging so hard. You got up and offered to take him downstairs and feed him some of the expressed milk. When you got downstairs and wrapped him in a blanket to keep him warm as downstairs the house was cooler than upstairs, he fell asleep in your arms before you could feed him so you brought him back upstairs to bed. Thank you for looking after him so that I could go back to sleep and try and shake the headache.

When the actual morning rolled round, thank you for putting Jaxon in the wrap so he could curl up next to one of us and attempt to sleep through the storm. I had been holding him but each time I would move he’d unsettle.
Thank you for walking to the shop in the ran to get some milk so that you and I could both have breakfast. Thank you for your enterprising nature (if that’s the right words!) when you put your waterproof on and wrapped it round Jaxon as well so that you could both walk to the shop and stay dry.

Jaxon as the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Chris taking Jaxon to the shop

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