Dear Monday: 19th December


Dear Monday, you were a strange day – originally I had the day booked off work so I would have a four day weekend to try and get the house ready for Christmas and recover from the crazy weekend of a wedding and the Christmas Nativity production at church but it didn’t quite go down like that. My manager had booked training and today was the only day that could be done between now and the end of the year so we struck a deal – funnily enough that didn’t go to plan either. 2-3 hours turned into 5 – oh well I think it’s done for now.

Dear Work, I’m grateful enough that I have you because so many people don’t at the moment due to the economy etc but I will be so grateful to reach the Christmas break.

(Issues!! I just wiped 3/4s of my post!!)

Dear Snow, I would like to have some proper snow over Christmas but at the same time please make sure it’s not one of the days we have to be somewhere. I prefer to snuggle up on the sofa and watch you float down from the sky. Then when you’ve settled, I wrap up like the Michelin Man and head out to enjoy it while I can. P.s. please hold out until RickieWrites goes on her holiday. She’s been super busy (or so it seems) and I think she needs some TLC and me time.

Dear ABC, I read this evening on the Huffington Post website that you are cancelling Extreme Makeover Home Edition and the last episode airs in the US in like 3-4 weeks. Apparently it lost ratings when it was moved to a Friday night instead of a Sunday when people are chilling out ready for the next week. There’s still a massive following here in the UK and in the US. There’s even a petition to try and get it uncancelled

Dear Strictly, you’re finished for another year. I said in the first week or two that Harry could win and he did. It was close though.

Dear James, you’ve been writing some really inspiring posts (Part One and Part Two so far) about Abstinence and as someone who did wait till marriage it’s interesting to see the comments that people have been writing both on your blog and on Facebook.

Dear Little Sis, you recently got a boyfriend. I think he’s your first and it’s really sweet. Please make wise choices and if you want advice please come to me or someone you can trust rather than freak out on your own. No question is stupid (although I might give a stupid answer to make you laugh! Then give you a serious answer.) Love you lots!!

Dear Mr and Mrs M, congratulations on your wedding on Saturday!! Have a lovely time on your honeymoon. See you at some point over Christmas if not in the New Year. Enjoy your first married Christmas together!!

Dear CJ, you’ve been so busy in the last few weeks that it felt like you’d been away or something. Welcome home. I kind of missed you.

Dear Mum, I don’t think I’ve said it enough times in the last few weeks. Thank you for being amazing. I am so blessed to have you as my mum. On Thursday you came to get me from work after I stayed an extra hour to try and catch up as I was behind. You’d even cooked me tea. The Stig took me to band and then came back to church to collect me after practice so that I could get home. Thank you thank you thank you.

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