Review: All Sorts of Goodies.

Back at the beginning of November I was offered an opportunity to review three products from I had assistance from CJ and Our Sidekick to review the three products we received.

We received Yummy Dough, Addict-A-Ball and Tude Beams. I couldn’t decide from the list so I emailed CJ and got him to make the choice. (Tude Beams are right up his street!!). Both the Tude Beams and Yummy Dough are under ¬£10 each which means that they can be used for Secret Santa gifts (if they fit in your budget/theme) or for stocking fillers.

Yummy Dough

First up we have Yummy Dough, the best way I can describe it is that it’s edible play dough. In the tub you get 4 packets of powder, a modelling tool and a syringe to add the correct amount of water (I was about to say “administer” and “syringe” in the same sentence but that sounded too medical! I seriously watch too many medical dramas!). The instructions were a bit basic but it was clear what needed to be done to make the four basic balls of dough. This did take a little bit of time, so with younger children (Our Sidekick is 12yo) you might have to get the kids playing something else while an adult makes the dough, then you can play it “in a little while”. It took about 20-30 minutes to make the first dough ball and I did have to use extra water (although the instructions said 15ml exactly) .

I ask Our Sidekick for some feedback. These were his best bits about the Yummy Dough:

  • It was fun to play with it.
  • Good to eat ūüôā
  • I could make my own design

And on the side the bad bits:

  • Struggled to mix the colours – they ended up muddled rather than one colour. (Han adds: I think you have to mix a bit of Colour 1 and a bit of Colour 2 and then you get your mixed colour ¬†– for example red and blue and getting purple.)
  • Took a long time to make a ball of dough (Han adds: see above about this bit)
  • Hard to tell when it was cooked. (Han adds: Whereas normal cookies go golden brown when they are done – it’s hard to tell whether they were done or not after the allotted time as on the instructions)



¬†Thing was I agree with him. You twist or turn slightly too much and the ball falls off. CJ has a determined personality so he has to finish the task once he’s started so we were both falling off the track and then going back to start again. You could wile away a whole hour trying to do it and not even know that you’d missed that time. I asked¬†Our Sidekick what he thought about it and he said that “he liked it because it was addictive and challenging. You can always go back to it and carry on or restart but it can be frustrating when you are really close [to the end of a stage] but then fall off.”

Out of the three products we received I would say that this is my favourite – it’s something that you can make a game out of – for example who can go the furthest – but at the same time it’s something that you can do on your own.

Tude Beams

Well actually I don’t think the Tude Beam has made it out of it’s box yet – however there is one of those clever cut outs in the box so you can try it before getting it out. I think CJ was saving it to put it out as part of the Christmas Decorations. The Tude Beam we have is called Flex and he has 5 settings. Heartbeat – Flex starts yellow and the flicks to Green – each Tude has a different primary and secondary colour so if you don’t like Green or Yellow go for Loaf or Feisty if they are in stock. Next effect is rainbow – it basically scrolls from red to purple then via pink back to red to start again. Then we have strobe – I guess for you ravers out there this would be a good one but it made my eyes go boggly. Second to last is Colour Dance – it flicks through all 3 sequences giving you a mixture. Last is colour hold, the Tude Beam holds on it’s primary colour. So ours is yellow. You can also set the Tude to sense beats of music – I have Christmas music playing at the moment which it’s reacting too but I think me typing on the keyboard is overriding it’s beat sensor and so it’s sensing my typing not the music (it’s a bit late to turn it up any louder to test it!) It comes with batteries and by the looks of it they are nice and easy to change you just need 3 x AAA batteries and a cross head screwdriver.

To find out more about Prezzybox’s stocking fillers and Christmas gifts you can click on either link and head over to their sites. If you’ve found that you’re short a present or have forgotten their latest despatch for Christmas delivery is the 21st December – so make sure you place your order by next Wednesday – there are some exceptions for places like the Isle of Wight, Jersey and Jura amongst others so make sure they despatch then so you don’t miss out on your Christmas fun. (And bear in mind if we get the snow that the MetOffice keep talking about it could delay your delivery).¬†

If you miss out on Christmas – don’t worry they have a huge range of products and I’m sure some would be handy as Birthday Presents.

This is a sponsored post and for full disclosure purposes, we received a pot of Yummy Dough, an Addictaball and Tude Beam in return for a product review. Courtesy of FuelMyBlog

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