Dear Monday V.2

Dear Monday
Joining with Megan from The Happy Day Blog. You can see her post here.

Dear Monday you made my weekend four days long – thank you muchlie. Also because of left over holidays from work I have 4 days weeks from now till Christmas – then again 3 texts/phone calls between me and work made this day fun lol.

Dear Tuesday, for this week you are my Monday, why do I feel like tomorrow I won’t want to get up for work.

Dear NaNoWriMo, I was doing my best to keep up but now I’m like 14k behind and that’s not good. I’m working on a plan and hopefully that will help me catch up.

Dear Sidekick/Third Musketeer, Your new bed arrived today – as I write this post I think that you and CJ are dancing round and cheering – or however boys celebrate being excited. CJ strung up camo net to the bed and created like a little den under the attic bed. We also got you a new pillow and duvet.

Dear Management Meeting, this evening is my first of yours as social media person for The Fountain (Bedford), I’m excited and scared all at the same time but it should be good.

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