#Lakes2011: Day One

Day 1 – Sunday
Back at the beginning of November, Me and CJ had a proper holiday together rather than a few days here and a few days there that tends to happen because we can’t really afford any more than that or because we don’t physically have the time between everything we seem to do. Well I took lots of pictures and so they are going to be broken down into each day or you can find me on Instagram or Flickr where a lot of them have been uploaded to.

We started Sunday as normal by going to church which was quite funny as everyone expected us to be away so they kept asking when we were going or did we have a nice time (which was like “Erm well no ask me in a week”). Before we left for church we witnessed this outside our house. How many days do you see a horse drawn cart going round the neighbourhood?

After church we had to do some bits then took Our Sidekick to my parents house where he was staying for the week. We got him settled, popped to the supermarket for travel munchies and then headed off to Oldham where we were staying for the night.

Road trip!!

Chris had the splat nav set up on his phone so he had the directions. I’m not exactly sure how far along the journey but I dozed off and slept for a chunk of the way there. It was good to have my iPhone as it worked so well as a digital camera all week. There were some shots that would have been better having been taken with my DSLR but actually it was pretty good all in all.

Splat nav show us the way

The problem with the clocks going back is that when you wake up following a nap and it’s dark outside you get really disorientated about how long you’ve been asleep and whether you should asleep for longer.

The people at the Travelodge we were staying at were lovely but it did seem like they were used to Sunday nights and us being there was a bit of inconvenience – then again I think there was an Indian wedding somewhere nearby as there were a lot of girls in Saris and guys in Indian suits.

We went upstairs to our room to abandon our stuff and then looked about going somewhere for dinner – we’d seen a McDonald’s and KFC on the way but it was quite a way back towards the motorway from where we were staying – we had a look on the internet and found somewhere local but having compared the prices of the food on the internet menu it was going to be about the same to stay in the hotel and eat at their restaurant/cafe.

We headed downstairs – I had Lasagne (which had clearly been microzapped!) and I can’t remember what Chris had! We watched Harry Hill’s TV Burp and a bit of X Factor while we were eating dinner then we headed upstairs and just hung out.

It was a good nights sleep (although it’s never the same as sleeping in your own bed right!)
Part of this is a sponsored post and for full disclosure purposes, I received a new hands free kit for my iPhone in return for the link above.

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