December 8th

So I spent most of today in bed as I’ve caught a cold. Probably from one of the dinkies at church but it’s not their fault lol.

This evening our Connect Group was serving the Alpha Supper meal at church. I would ask you how it went but you are downstairs and I have the feeling you’ll make an appearance about 5 minutes before you go to sleep – hopefully tonight is a little less disruptive than last night. I think I woke up like 5 times and really struggled to get back to sleep.

I think you wanted a lie in but at about 9:30 I kicked you out of bed because I wanted to sleep and couldn’t because while you were sleeping you kept trying to push me out of bed lol.

At this moment in time I’m a little worried about the rest of this week especially as we’re going to London tomorrow to go see The Lion King and I’m going to London again on Friday to see the South Oxhey Community Choir in concert. I can’t really have Friday off as sick if I then go to the concert in the evening. But then also I can’t really go to work and breathe cold over everyone – talk about complicated.

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