Do I really look like that?

So those of you who follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Plurk will have seen my micro-blog posts on my way round Asda this evening with Chris.

We went on a hut for a little bin to put in the bathroom – we didn’t want a proper bin because they are too big. Mr J. suggested looking round the baby section – after all there might be like a little bin for nappies that we could put in the bathroom. So as we’re walking down the baby aisle Mr J. just stops at the end of the aisle – I saw this as that it was pointless us both walking down the aisle to look for the bin. When I got back to him his comment was of embarrassment like he didn’t want to walk down the baby aisle with me because I look pregnant.

I would have probably just shook it off but after how I was feeling last week at Grapevine it just cut really deep. I was camping with the RP lot and was next door to Mr and Mrs W. and across the way from Pastor Mow Mow. Between them there are three kids from 3 months up to 7 years – and I felt broody now this could have just been because I felt a bit lonely but it’s also cos one day I’d like kids but not yet.

Now I am cuddly – this hasn’t really bothered me but if I look like I’m pregnant and thats coming from my Husband – what do other people think of me?

I have tried diets but I am scared I will end up like people I know who have eating disorders or on permanent diets. I used to go to the gym but I feel out of place as often there are skinny people running next to me.

CJ made various other comments on the way round the supermarket and all I wanted to do was cry – I wanted to curl up there in the toilet roll aisle and cry.

I come from a cuddly gene pool. My Mum is cuddly, My Grandma (her Mum) is cuddly, GreatGrandma B (Mum’s Paternal Grandma) was cuddly.


  1. Sara says:

    You know exactly how I feel about his remark! Go to the gym to feel better about yourself, Hannie. Everyone isn’t skinny there, trust me.

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