Dolly Mixture!!!!!! Woohoo!!

Dolly Mixtures

On my recent post 10 Years Ago I mentioned Dolly Mixture, I had a comment from Shannon who blogs at Mad Squrrel HQ asking what Dolly Mixture were. So ta-da these are dolly mixture!!!! My favourites are the pink cubes or the gum drops with sugar all over them.

I am sure I should be more productive at work but Friday Afternoon Syndrome seems to have creeped up into Thursday. This afternoon I spoke to a distributor who sold onto another office supplies company – this is the second time and the fourth time he’s called me babe! HELLO! That’s not my name! I can handle sweetie or sweetheart because that’s what my Mum and my Grandad call me.


  1. James says:

    I haven’t had dolly mixtures in ages and they look good – I will search for some at lunchtime. I always liked the little pink cubes but best was lots of different types in one go.

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