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26 Before I'm 27
I started to work my way through my list to check off what I’d achieved and actually I really have failed this year. Some goals I’ve achieved but in comparison there were so many others still to do. I’m in two minds about writing a list for next “year” – in the last three years when I’ve done the lists I’ve never managed to achieve all the goals that have been on my lists.

I think part of it was juggling being a working foster mum to a teenage and trying to cook more balanced meals and things like that. When Our Sidekick came to live with us I was 25 and a bit so prior to that it was my own motivation that sucked and meant that I didn’t achieve my goals. Following that maybe I use it as an excuse. I’m sure it’s possible to achieve what I want to, work and be a foster Mum but clearly I haven’t managed that balance just yet. Maybe this will be my year but for now we’ll just leave it – I might still write a list.

This is this years list and how far I am up to:

1. Finish The Host by Stephenie Meyer.
I have read and finished it, and I even have a date in the diary to go and see the film with my Twilight Buddies (aka my cousin and my auntie!!)

2. Read Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.
I started it but it’s still in progress – according to Goodreads I’ve read about 72 pages which makes it around 20%.

3. Complete The Sketchbook Project 2013 (by January 2013)
I signed up, I started and then my book went walkabouts. I found it but about two weeks after the deadline when it was too late to send it in.

4. Read 30 books in 2012 (Ends December 2012) (10/30 at present)
Again going by the total on Goodreads and a blog post I made it to 29 books in the end. Now it’s always possible that number 30 did sneak in but wasn’t on Goodreads – that has happened in the past. (So far I’m on 6 for 2013 – it’s bad, very bad!)

5. Take a photo everyday (3/365)
This one didn’t really happen. Well having checked on Flickr I’m about two thirds through the year. Still not a whole year but it’s more than I thought. You can check them out here

6. See 20 new films (ones I’ve not seen before).
I’m pretty sure that I did achieve this but I failed to keep a list! I know I definitely went to the cinema a couple of times. I saw Pitch Perfect, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two and The Hobbit. I also saw Priceless on iPlayer. I also saw Hope Springs, Couples Retreat and Untouchable. That’s six films – I’m sure there is more too. 

7. Cook 1 new recipe a month. (0/12)
This didn’t exactly happen but I did get into cooking more so I made more cakes and tried to make more meals at home. 

8. Go to a comedy night.
Back in June, Rich and I went to see Dave Gorman live in Cambridge. I wrote about it here and here.

9. Complete The Green Sand Ridge Walk.
This didn’t happen – I had meant to organise it with my Dad and then before I knew it the summer had gone and it was too cold or too wet.

10. Sign up for a bible plan (to read the bible in a year).
I signed up and at first, I was really focused and determined but then I got distracted. Need to try better next time!

11. Read the Bible in a year (3/365)
See above – it kind of worked at first but then didn’t happen……

12. Write a guest blog post for a friend (and be proud of it).
I wrote a blog post for Kaitlyn’s blog about how I’d like to be a QI Elf. (I added it to my blog at a later date. You can see it here.)

13. Give up caffeinated fizzy drinks for 3 months (or longer!).
This one did happen but some days I fail and have one or two cans of Diet Cola – on the whole, though it’s been a tiny proportion of all the fizzy I drink.

14. Plan more date nights (at least 12! That’s one a month).
We had a few more but not as many as I really hoped to have. 

15. Save up £100 a month (That’s £1200 by my 27th Birthday)
This didn’t happen. I wasn’t very disciplined about this. 

16. Organise a girlie date night with Lil Sis once a month (or more!) (0/12)
We haven’t had one a month but it is getting better and I’m determined that we will have more in the next few months. 

17. Organise a “craft night” with my Mum.
We had an afternoon rather than a night but it was still good – and quite a few more have happened. 

18. Complete Harry Potter Years 1-4 on iPhone.
I ended up deleting this from my phone and didn’t get all the way through it. 

19. (Finally!) Meet Ellefie in person (Twitter/Blog).
We haven’t managed to meet up so next year it will have to be! When I was in London, Ellefie wasn’t free and then when she was free I was back in Bedford. 

20. Finish The Hobbit.
I managed to finish reading the book slightly after the film came out and I had seen it. It was an interesting book but had taken me a little while to get into it. 

21. Read Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.
This one on the other hand, I started it but I’ve still not finished it. 

22. Learn how to crochet
Not only have I learnt to crochet but I’ve made two blankets for other people and I’ve also taught a couple of people to crochet as well. I love seeing the pictures of the things that other people have created. 

23. Make something by crochet
See 22.

24. Play at an Open Mic Night (not hosted by Church or The Fountain)
I’ve played or sung at a couple of them and my friend Al is awesome and regularly plays while I sing along.

25. Read the 7 Chronicles of Narnia books (1/7)
I managed The Magician’s Nephew and got part way through The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe but haven’t got through any more than that

26. Start my sideline business for proper! (29/06 – In progress)
This is still an in progress thing. I had been trying to do it in my evenings but between finishing work and then just feeling really drained I couldn’t get motivated about it.

So now the challenge is to write my goals for next year……27 before I’m 28.


    • Hannah says:

      Hey! Thank you for the comment! I’m a lists person so if I want to stay on track in the short term at least and get things done then I write a list (I am currently composing one for tomorrow/today to make sure I do what’s needed to be done!).

      It seems to be longer term ones that I have trouble with but I’m determined that this will be my year when I complete my list.

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