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Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… (well technically Thursday) I finished at work.

This Weekend I… (Friday – it’s a four day weekend!) I went to the Open Air service in Bedford town centre. We were stood near the back and at one point I went to grab a sandwich as I wasn’t really sure what the plan was for the rest of the day and I was getting grouchy having not eaten anything all morning.

Good Friday Open Air Service 2013
Following the service, a whole group of us (I think about 20 in the end!) invaded Dragon’s Chinese Buffet for lunch – I think we probably made most of the covers for lunch! It was good fun especially when we ended up swapping chairs to make sure that everyone had a seat at least for part of the meal. I think the table was meant for 8 people and we ended up with about 12 crammed round the table but it was still great fun. While at dinner, me and my friend came up with a plan for lunch on Sunday. We have started going out for lunch but it’s cheaper to get bits and pieces from the supermarket, cater for a few extra people and then one or two people take responsibility to host. Chris and I hosted this time – it was going to be a bit crazy as by Saturday lunchtime we were on eight people (by Sunday it had gone to thirteen, and by the time we ate it was at fifteen!)

This Weekend I we… celebrated my Dad’s Birthday. We had dinner on Saturday evening at Mum’s house. Mum had been on a mission and had made a roast dinner with all the trimmings like at Christmas. We all sat around the table together and then following dinner we watched Doctor Who.

My #Dad's #birthday meal. #mum is on a mission.
This Weekend Iwe… went to church for the family Easter Day service. It was good fun and a lot of testimonies were shared. Following church we had the lunch gathering at our house. We got home from church and went mad on the tidying to make sure that it was ready for people to come round.

After everyone left I carried on tidying up but also managed to clear out the pantry – it had been getting to the point that it really needed to be sorted out – the bottom shelve was overfilling as my tupperwares escaped!

(Okay so still looks messy but it’s a whole bunch better and things should be easier to get to and I feel more organised for it!)

Following that Our Sidekick and I hung out and watched Shrek Forever After and then I watched Labyrinth when he went to bed (Thank goodness some bits are dodgy! Then again not as dodgy as The Guardian have made out in their review)

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