EMI is British record company, they were founded in 1931.

They have recently redesigned their website at EMI.com and with some help with various bloggers from FuelMyBlog. (When I find some of the other reviews I’ll link to them).

First impressions was that it was clear and easy to find information – it’s not too busy so it would make me want to come back. You open the first page and on the left hand side there is a box that has 4 or 5 album covers that are new or upcoming – the view of the albums is similar to the Cover Flow view in iTunes.

Cover View
Image from Little Tech Guy

Underneath this there is a section titled “The Latest” in this section there is various pieces of music news (You can subscribe to it by RSS if you are a music geek like me!) To make up this first page on the right hand side there is a music player – it opens with a default list but you can remove songs you don’t like and add ones you do. The basic theme is red white and black (similar to their logo).

The front page is easy to find your way round but it doesn’t work on iPhone as the player and the Cover Flow both work in Flash.
Along the top of the page is the navigation which directs you to the other pages. The first of these is Discover. When I tried using it the first time it took a very long time to find bands to recomend based on “Barenaked Ladies”. The second time (and just now) it’s worked quickly and come up with a concise list of bands to listen to – it also searches by the terms you’ve put in the box. I put in “Barenaked Ladies” and got the following suggestions:

  • Lady Sovereign
  • Lady Antebellum
  • Lady and Bird

Erm well Lady Sovereign is nothing like Barenaked Ladies thats for sure lol. However further down there are suggestions of bands like:

These are good recommendations I like alot of these! I looked up Phatfish and was disappointed to see that EMI don’t know who they are! However Delirious does come up so maybe it’s not so bad!

(When we have internet at home again tomorrow I will be back with Part Two for now enjoy Part One :D)


  1. Evan says:

    I heard about Lady Sovereign a few years ago on Cartoon Network. There is one song I have heard then found it was by her. It was called Hoodie….

    • God's Rock Angel says:

      I’ve only really heard one of her songs – there is a video of me, Kewey and Sarge discussing it in the car on YouTube (I could get a link but I can’t be bothered at this moment in time 😀

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