Okay I promise that I will try my very best not to whinge in this post. I realised that I’ve been whinging a lot – whether it’s about my job, my life or just the weather – I’ve been grumpy and I’m going to try not to be.

Two of my friends confided in me with some stuff this week – I can’t say what it is because that would be breaking their trust but what they told me kinda gave me a kick in the butt.

I have a job, yeh some days it sucks but as Bobberdilly told me the other day – it does suck some days but it has to be done, and some days it is good like last week I had a customer who I helped – he then contacted one of our distributors and was telling them how helpful I was (That made my day because one of the guys at the distributors emailed me to tell me how impressed this customer was). Also earlier this week I had a customer who is a manager of sorts on a cruise ship! (Of all the random places to call from) I was able to help him and he took the time to email me and say thanks.

Although I have good days I’m beginning to think that it’s not the job that sucks – it’s that I suck at the job – sometimes I make what are really stupid errors and they shouldn’t be happening – it’s not good.

It’s not a lot and probably only took him like a minute to do but I am just chuffed he took that time to say thank you – we are all often so busy rushing from one thing to the next that just doing that made me feel appreciated.

Yesterday, Me, The Wendy Lady and some other friends’ from church went to see our friend in a play called The Dreaming. Apparently it’s loosely based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, there were also some other stories chopped up and slotted in here and there. We had joked on the way about cheering really loud for our friend when he came to take his bow. We hadn’t mentioned it again but when it came to the curtain call we cheered really loud for our friend – we were looking at him for his reaction and it looked seriously embarrassed that we were cheering for him and no one else (Was that mean?)

I also realised how much I miss performing – not just playing Bass at church or singing in the other group – I mean an actual performance with costumes and stuff like that. I might look at getting into Amateur Dramatics but I’m not sure I can physically spare any more evenings lol.

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